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  fffianist  |  9

103 - I don't know where you work, or indeed if you've ever worked as a cashier, but where I work you'd be fired in no time if all your transactions were spent mutely staring at the customer.

  kuzzy00  |  22

I'm going on a whim here... But is it possible that the cashier was just BLOODY making a joke? I found the intrusive comment moderately PAINFUL but could OP just have FLOWED with it and joked back? Perhaps I am being too RED faced about this.


I worked as a cashier all throughout high school and I know you would be fired for making dumb comments to the customers! A "hello, how are you? *smile*... Thank you, have a good day! *smile*" would be more than sufficient ALLLL DAY LONG!

  Psychicgirl17  |  18

#137 actually I have worked as a cashier. I should've stated in my comment that the job for cashiers is to do their job and not say anything insensitive or not say anything at all except for the instances when you have to talk to the customer for example "how may I help you?, would you like paper or plastic?, etc."

By  kinky44  |  28

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  silvercamaro  |  22

I think #2 is trying to say that OP isn't perfect (her personality only sucks sometimes) but at least she isn't like the cashier who is clearly an asshole all the time

  bahagills  |  6

Obviously. That's the only thing that makes sense. We better not get his opinion on this, because it's definitely attacking women. The only other thing it could mean is that sometimes people are mean, but that isn't it, because then he's not attacking women, so that's not it.

By  Tbearshy  |  16



cvs will refund anything you're unhappy with, used or not. my manager once refunded a pregnancy test after a customer used the employee bathroom to pee on it because she didn't like the results.