I need one

By j…… - 14/08/2011 03:56 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because of my drunken antics. My reaction? Pour myself a stiff drink. FML
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So maybe you should try to fix your drinking problem...

Jaimegirl 7

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me due to my abusing animals, my reaction? I punted a kitten off a cliff.


So maybe you should try to fix your drinking problem...

doctor_awesome 8

Captain Obvious strikes again

Theres 12 steps, buddy. USE THEM. Alcoholism is terrible.


AA is for quitters

maybe it's not op who has a drinking problem. maybe the boyfriend is the one with the problem and has to take a chill pill and chase it with a wine cooler.

Jaimegirl 7

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me due to my abusing animals, my reaction? I punted a kitten off a cliff.

Jvr91 8

Yeah! Way to show'em

denvan 0

AA meetings make you want to get there drunk and drink after

enonymous 8

51 knows my Sunday afternoon plans... At least my plans with a silk bag of puppies and peanut butter is still safe

Op should celebrate her pouring a drink, by pouring a drink

doctor_awesome 8

you're both douches. the guy who "hooked up with his sister's best friend" for lying about hooking up with his sister's best friend, and ^ a douche because you can't spell "douche."

doctor_awesome 8

**** wrong comment

andy_l 14

He wouldn't have left you if it was a sex addiction, I'd bet.

An awesome doctor would have checked.

it's Spelt poor you dumbass

Winners never quit :D

105 - Can't tell if trolling, or just stupid..

85 He probably would have cause most people don't like their girl going around ******* everything with a penis

No it's not. Yeah, we're the real dumb asses alright. (

Drink your problems away :)

goodrichpj 7

Could have not said it better

goodrichpj 7

Can someone please tell me how to send message to someone/go to someones profile??? Please thank y'all

lmao i love that, youre awesome

He shouldn't have left you. But get you some help. But then again, maybe he tried. But it wasn't working.

Most indecisive comment ever.

bfsd42 20

But maybe he was right. But maybe he was wrong. But maybe the world is flat. But maybe the Boogie Man is real and preys on people who can't have a strong opinion. But.........

dropdeadtrollin 0

I want to meet this girl.

spazzy910 0

Hush, doctor

spazzy910 0

I was trying to say that to the guy who commented first :) just in case y'all didn't know

doctor_awesome 8

*he says with a beer sign in the background*

angiedancesalott 8

you just proved his point.

doctor_awesome 8

50- I never said he was. i was simply pointing out the irony in the situation. something that obviously went over your head.

No need to be a douche, 55, and yes I spelled it right.

JuggaletteKlown 0

Throw a party and get drunk?:D What kind of "antics" do you do anyway? 0.o

I'd like to know as well. Just puttin that out there

Shaniaaa20 0

don't drink?

Noooooo really didn't think that was a problem for OP.

Taht_Guy_fml 0

Sarcasm is great...

Pick up another addiction. I suggest meth.

Xtra_Cheddar 3

Way to stay true

beesmakewax 3

I like the sound of this. We should hang out some time

Nobody likes the sloppy, pissy girl at the party. If you can't handle your drink, do it at home alone. If you wake up with no memory and have ****** up your own house, it might be time to cut back a wee dram.

block1 2

Lol. Get some help!!

sirhobothesecond 3

9- no shit Sherlock.


share ur antics with us, see if ur ex had a point?

Just don't be like ke$ha.

And brush with jack lol