By bob - 11/08/2011 12:56 - United States

Today, no matter how much I begged, my friend who'd locked himself away with my iPhone wouldn't stop taking pics of his penis and forwarding them to my boss. FML
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What if you're boss liked the pictures? O__o


RodStar 0

What if you're boss liked the pictures? O__o

hellbilly205 17

Could be worse he could just break your phone...atleast you can explain to your boss what happened.

kameryn25 3

Then that would make this situation awkwarder unless he has a really hot boss and his friend has a decent sized wang.

I hope she did. It took a long time to send all of those. And my dong got tired.

SesameSpeed 7
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Hey, Melissabrit. All you do is thread jack. Please, **** or GTFO. (jk) But actually. Get the **** out.

That was probably like the dumbest thing OP's friend could do...... considering the fact that his boss could have him arrested and labeled as a sex offender for life. so really his friends life is ****** :/

mona_is_here 10
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what if the boss sent one back?

enonymous 8

"I have received your request for a promotion and have accepted on one condition you must teach me to bend that way"

YDI for not having a password set on your phone

jake1632 9

Does anyone fail to realize that what he was doing was sexting, which is illegal in almost all states last time I checked.

hellbilly205 17

I dont see why my comment got down voted. I would rather get fired than break my phone. Cause my phones broke and now i have no life. FML

whisperingeye13 0

119 sexting is not illegal unless minors are involved or if the messages are harrasing. at least as far as I know.

hellbilly - If the OP's friend simply breaks his phone then the OP can at least afford a new phone (assuming he was able to afford the original iphone based on his pay). If the OP's boss is not understanding then the OP might get fired in which case he no longer has a source of income and probably can't afford to keep his phone plan. Get it now?

OP if you be bad you boss will make you take your punishment in the butt

hellbilly205 17

Well sadistmonkey if op had a lock on the phone there wouldnt be a problem in the first place

K_kanaka 26

This is what you do 1. Get a new friend 2. Try to explain to your boss what happened 3. Well if 2 doesn't work then you better start job hunting

31- awkwarder? Really? Are people that stupid?

Pixxio_O 11

Was he making balloon animals with it..?

Why would your friend do that? Or should I say why would someone over the age of 11 do that? Lame.

NTimmy 2

Op why would u even hav ur boss on ur phone?

RodStar 0

#75 Why yes. They are cotton balls on my shirt. It was a costume for an event! Sorry, totally off topic. I just had to answer.

245 is ******* dumb, and probably thinks every employer-employee relationship is that of a mcdonalds career.

XxHoPPoxX 8

ffs dont reference other fml's please

jake1632 9

129 ok got it. im a minor so i wouldnt really know about 18+laws over sexting would be about. iunderstand why 25 trolls thumbed my comment down, but im pretty sure this one is going too also. ******* :)

ZiplockP 0

You sound like you've been through this before.

sailorzoe 14

Realistically, if he contacted his boss as soon as possible and maturely explained the situation, he'd be fine. Maybe.

flockz 19

haha raise.... was that intentional?

salvorican 24

Neither. Op's boss is probably thinking "Why the hell am I getting pictures of his pinky???"

I love your tattoos. Your really pretty too! ?

mmorgan9218 5
bawlerr75 9

I really like yuur tattoos there so pretty I want one so bad

Tatts are lame. What's even more lame are chicks that think tatts make guys hot. Nothing worse then an eminem wanna be walkin round with tribal tatts that mean absolutely nothing.

The boss got a raise is what it sounds like.

214: Every tattoo has a story. Don't judge until you know it.

Not EVERY tattoo. A big handful of them are the result of a night with just one too many shots.

230-Those tats are reminders of a good time.

kelsey_katie 17

Your tattoos are awesome! Love them(:

This is one where you actually can't say "pics or it didn't happen". Or should I say those guys hoping for anything..

sailorzoe 14

I was sober for every single tattoo on my body.

oooooh I adore your tattoos! They're beautiful :D

hellbilly205 17

What? Your friends would'nt do something like this to you? Cause mine would.

32 and 46, what kind of "friends" are those? That could get you charged with sexual harassment and you could lose your job. Glad I don't have such idiotic friends with a skewed idea of what is funny.

WellThatSucksMaj 0

Yeah , you need new friends. Stop getting them at the sex addict meetings.

SpaceMan55 1

What a bunch of shifty friends we have here

Matias_Says_FML 4

Well, unlike you two, I have normal friends who wouldn't do that under any circumstance.

hellbilly205 17

How would you feel if someone chopped off your dick?

35- well that would probably feel like getting raped by chuck norris.

well seeing that I already have a ****** I really wouldnt care too much

hellbilly205 17

Honestly though you guys are losers. Me and my friends do stupid shit all the time. I dont see whats wrong with it. Yea you could get arrested. But whats life with out fun. Get out more.

Or you could do fun things w/o being illegal, not all fun things are illegal you know. Get out more.

hellbilly205 17

I never said all fun things are illegal. But most are retard. stop being a pussy and have some real fun.

i disagree dude who needs drugs, booze and underage sex..... me and my friends stay in and play scrabble, i do through the best sleepovers

hellbilly205 17

No one cares what you have to say gayboii

hmmm your the one with who's comment is buried... but your totally right... i should shut up

hellbilly205 17

Damn, just stop typing and go get arrested.

well, saying no one cares what he has to say is basically telling him to shut up.

Boring !!!!!!!! Scrabble is for retarded loosers!!

alabamajoe77 3

Time for a new friend and some disinfectant cleaner for your phone. Oh and probably a new job. Lol

Dangit, you beat me to it =/ Well played.

hellbilly205 17

Really i see rape in op's future...

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189- he was the 10th person to comment, tell all the others who replied to the first post just to get ahead that it was covered Ty have a nice day Sucks op, good luck finding a new job, even if you explain what happened the phone should not have been out of your possession blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda is what he'll or shell say, just like you should always be in control of your vehicle no matter the circumstance, but honestly do they not realize that there are circumstances where you cannot in any way shape or form make a difference in what is happening with your vehicle? And what about airplane food...?