Is this part of the test?

By Samantha - 16/08/2012 22:36 - United States - Holt

Today, while I was taking my driver's test, my instructor received a text message. He promptly had a panic attack and screamed for me to pull over. It turned out his wife wanted a divorce. The last 15 minutes of my test consisted of him sobbing to himself as I drove back to the DMV. FML
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Mommyof2_91 10

FHL, his wife dumped him over text message.


Lets hope the instructor feels bad for making her pull over and passes her.

Let's hope if she passed it was solely based on her driving ability.

Psych101 9

24- Let's hope for OP's sake that she passed, whether it was based on her driving ability or not. Let's hope for everyone else's sake that she passed or failed based on her driving ability.

Let's hope she failed because women drivers are dangerous

When I took my drivers test we hit a bump in the first 20 minutes and the muffler fell off. The rest of my time was spent at a garage while it was getting fixed. He passed me.

wetqueefa 5

Idek how people still find that funny

JocelynKaulitz 28

80 - sounds like your life is average ;)

I really hope OP passed. But I really want to know if she did pass.

How long was everyone's drivers tests that phrases like "in the first twenty minutes" can be used? The driving part of my drivers exam took less than fifteen minutes and consisted of me driving around the block.

maltam123 0

132- same! My driving test took about 15 minutes total- if that! I guess it depends on the state. Go NY haha

bfsd42 20

The instructor should have never checked his text messages while administering a driving test. So I hope op passed because the instructor was being very unprofessional.

Well I guess I should have specified it was my driving permit. In new jersey we used to have to take a 6 hour driving course with an instructor before we got passed. Now they make it three 2 hour sessions I think.

Also OP never specified whether it was permit or license. So you people are stupid for telling us how long a test should take when it varies on which thing you are getting.

I think everyone wants to know that.

#157- here in Iowa all we have to do is take a test on a computer! I'm going to take it next week!(X

#162- all I did for my permit was take a written test on the computer, too... I didn't realize that in some states taking a permit test meant driving... That doesn't really make sense, though. The point of getting your permit is so you can LEARN how to drive. Why would they make you drive to get it?

I had to take a driving test for my regular license and my D-2 license, they took about ten minutes each.

Damn. Really sucks for him. Did you try to comfort him?

I agree! Poor guy. Send him flowers.

I agree, I thought that over-text-message crap was only for like middle schoolers. That is just SAD

finalone34 3

*Pats instructor on the shoulder* -DMV instructor "two hands on the wheel!"

Poor guy :( it sucks that he happened to find out when OP was taking his/her test, but his wife should have told him in person. That is pathetic

Sounds like you handled the situation well. Hope you passed! :)

iseyixes 18

It may have been part of the test! To see how well she reacts in a car to an unforeseen

coughyochick 7

Damn. Talk about bad timing. Poor instructor. Divorces are rough.

Seriously. Divorce news through a text message. What a bitch. FHL.

He may be better off without her, considering she was low enough to send that through TEXT MESSAGE. Fhl.

Same crap happened to me. Minus the driving test, dmv instructor or the car. Just the text from my now ex-wife.

That sounds like the most awkward driving test ever.

Probably not. Possibly, but probably not. Thanks for your very insightful comment btw.

Yes because the comment you just made enlightened us all.

Rowdey - "Possibly, but probably not" ranks right up there with some of the most insightful comments ever. It's a good thing "hypocrites" isn't on your profile list of things that piss you off. EDIT: I see Miss Smith beat me to the punch. Damn my slow typing.

"Thanks for your insightful comment btw"? Really? What was the point of your comment at all?

Me: 34 Rowdey: -13 I think I won this round.

Bonzer 2

44- That means I win, right?

My attempts at sarcasm have again been misunderstood. :-(

No. I caught your sarcasm. It was just not insightful.

Mommyof2_91 10

FHL, his wife dumped him over text message.

MindFreakazoid 10

Not dumped, but divorced. So OP, I hope you were nice to him!

I was gonna say, why would you divorce someone over text? If you're that immature you shouldn't have been in a relationship to begin with.

Sanch101 7

Very true. It is the epitome of lack of class and respect for others to do something like that.

You can text divorce now??? Gee, I wish I could have done that instead of wasting all that time and money at that court house. Man, what will they come up with next?

Yeah it's so sad =[ bad wife... Or should I say ex wife... Hope you passed though at least!

Maybe HE was a bad husband, it's not necessarily her fault, although a text message wasn't such a great idea.

True, he could have been abusive. She may have run away from home while he was at work, and text because she was scared of what he would do if she told him to his face. Although, I can't see a guy with anger management problems sobbing in front of a total stranger.

My abusive ex husband would openly sob all the time. It's a method of manipulation. People like that have no shame. Although, I don't know what this guy would gain by sobbing in front of a student.

Maybe he was boring in bed or overweight and she wanted to trade up. Anything is possible but if my husband was even thinking about divorce wouldn't there be warning signs? I think I'd see it coming if he seemed unhappy or disgruntled but whatever FHL.

saIty 17

Should have stopped for some ice cream. The man needs some ice cream.

N3766 20

I did not see your comment before I posted mine. I said something like this. Great minds think alike!

winnerme123 8

No that man needs some dope.

Well, hopefully he passed you. I've heard of people who find out they're getting a divorce and immediately get mad at whoever they are with.

If your wife just told you she was leaving, would you then treat everyone around you well? It's a natural reaction to be upset, whether that be a just cause to take it out on the OP is entirely different, but the anger would be understandable at the very least.

i had my drivers test today too. GUESS WHAT. i passed with flying colors. woohoo! sucks for u.

ImmaB3AST 7

So an idiot who can't even attempt to try and use proper grammar is now officially on the road? Oh god...

A good point that needed to be made, but at the same time, "attempt to try and use proper grammar" isn't very good grammar, either.

ImmaB3AST 7

I don't think what I said is necessarily bad. I could have taken out the 'try and' and it would have sounded better. Shut up! I'm tired!

Psych101 9

31- Technically, it was redundant. Not a big deal. Way better than the original comment anyway.

Technically, OP never said they didn't pass. He may have been so upset he passed OP without even paying attention to their driving.

HooyoMacaan 7

I think he meant that grammar is proper anyways.

weeabaka 6

26, you should try to avoid the use of so many commas. Turns out that you can still make the same point without awkwardly squeezing it all into one sentence.

KiddNYC1O 20

Just make sure you don't be flying on the FDR drive.

ImmaB3AST 7

Divorce is a tough thing, he was probably out of it. It sucks you had to witness his panic attack.