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Today, I was installing updates on my 16 year old daughter's laptop, when I got the urge to snoop around. I found a 5,000 word sex story involving her and the Edward and Jacob weirdos from the Twilight movies. I can't even look her in the eyes. I can't believe I raised this freak. FML
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Lol! Don't go snoop around her stuff! But that is weird...


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That would be really funny if it was actually relevant to the FML

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Team Alice! *Whistles loudly* She's the only reason worth watching Twilight.

Lol! Don't go snoop around her stuff! But that is weird...

Even though ur daughter is mad weird you should prob still love her an talk to her or shell grow up to be a real freak and shell hate you.

Lets face it shes another teenage twilight fan write it about the sex story on how you had her

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Yeah I agree. What happened to the good old leather and bondage. Civilized stuff, unlike this ***********. This sickens me.

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35, lol But OP, u really hav to chill out, what's on her computer has nothing whatsoever to so with u. It's just downright weird to snoop

OP is an asshole he/she knew what he/she was getting into but OP kept reading ;( don't snoop around

I bought my own laptop at age 13... For $800. Ever hear of allowance? And being a teenage girl I don't understand these twilight freaks... But ydi for snooping

Here's a thought. You can have an open and honest relationship with them. You want them to trust you with stuff? The street goes both ways. There's two principles to follow when raising a child: give them roots and give them wings. You have to be able to let them live their lives and not smother them. If my parents had been the paranoid, no-privacy, prying types that seem to be so common today, I have no doubt I would have gone out and done all sorts of bad stuff just to spite them. But because we had an honest, trusting relationship I never once even smoked a cigarette and graduated second in my class. I'm far from perfect but I never was involved in drugs or sex. I feel sorry for the OP's daughter. Not only does her parent have no respect for her privacy but also refers to her as a freak. That's some great parenting there. And if she wants to write a fanfiction for fun about twilight who the hell cares? We all have fantasies and who is to be the judge of what is acceptable to fantasize about?

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197- you bought your laptop with "your own" money? Not really. An allowance is something that your parents gave you, so you bought it with their money. And your family must be rich as motherfuckers if your allowance added up to $800.

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Yeah dude the Internet seriously ***** kids up. When I was about 10 my family's Internet pop up blocker was shut off and a pop up of some disgusting, graphic REAL GRAPHIC **** came up. ******* confused the hell out of me up for awhile. I advise watching your kids just because there is so much messed up shit on TV, Internet, xbox live or what ever it just screws kids up

lol 192 defending wrong person. I bet twilight sex stories get you all worked up. oh well, he prob likes glittery fangs and furries as much as the dumb little girls that read that crap

I love when people write novel sized comments because I totally don't read them :-)

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197- you're lucky you can even have allowance. I'm not allowed to, and I always do chores. Not everyone has allowance :/ I can't even have my own laptop until I'm 18 (I'm 16) And for all you people that are pro-snooping, I hate it when my parents snoop. My mom says that because I'm a teenager and not a full-fledged adult, I have NO privacy whatsoever. She doesn't even do simple things like knock before she comes in my room. Is that ok with you guys? It definitely annoys me.

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197- you're lucky you can even have allowance. I'm not allowed to, and I always do chores. Not everyone has allowance :/ I can't even have my own laptop until I'm 18 (I'm 16) And for all you people that are pro-snooping, I hate it when my parents snoop. My mom says that because I'm a teenager and not a full-fledged adult, I have NO privacy whatsoever. She doesn't even do simple things like knock before she comes in my room. Is that ok with you guys? It definitely annoys me.

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Believe it or not, that is NORMAL for crazy fans now-a-days. To write those kinds of stories.

@214 That's like saying a paycheck is your company's money. Allowance gets earned by doing chores. Money gets earned from doing jobs. What the **** is the difference?

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#209 has it right. i feel bad for your daughter. what parent goes snooping in her computer, then trashes her on the internet and calls her a freak for something she enjoys? i'm sure you have fantasies too. if your daughter found your **** in your computer, would she trash YOU on the internet? probably not. i think it's pretty sad that as a teenager, she probably goes through enough already. and for you to just go on here and say this is absolutely pathetic and terrible parenting. please, grow up for the sake of your child.

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416- you can tell by the amount that her allowance is that she obviously doesn't do chores for shit. I bet her parents hire people for all that. Plus, most people don'tget allowances and she's acting like everybody gets huge ones.

Yeah then she will be paranoid that someone caught her.

use some of the phrases from her story around her. "oh, edward, you're sooo fine."

You don't deserve a daughter that writes Twilight fanfiction involving herself, but snooping on her computer was pretty rude. I know parents think/know they're entitled to it, but.. it's still an invasion of privacy. If it was the family computer, no big deal.. but it was hers. That's extremely creepy though. 5,000 words? Must be some damn long sex. Fanfiction is ******* creepy.

So OPs daughter cant decide between necrophilia and *********** so she fantasided about both at the same time? yup bet your wishing you hadnt been such a cheapskate and spent that $1 to buy a condom OP.

41- I doubt a 16 year old girl bought the laptop herself, so technically it was his... anyways she should have installed the updates herself if she didn't want her "stories" being found.

76 is right once she starts buying her stuff it's all over

76- Um there's something called "gifts". Op could have bought it for his daughter, as a GIFT. Btw, she can also save money to buy her own laptop. she is old enough to have a job!

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hay, in her defense, who doesn't fantasize about having sex with a dead guy AND a dog at the same time? no worries OP at least she hasn't tried turning into a vampire... but I can't say that's try for other crazy ass twi-hards

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Researches say they take after there parents

well if he's the one updating it, it's probably his

oh well at least all he found was a story and not a movie :S

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@36 thats what my mom used to do when she read my personal stuff, she would used quotes from it around me. lucky for me i was a well behaved kid so there never was anything major. but it still pisses me off to this day that she did it in the first place

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Curiosity killed the cat. Learn from your mistake.

107 - it says ' my 16 year old daughter's laptop '.

Wait, how do you know it was a 5,000 word story? Did you actually read that shit?!

n_epic_fail 14

166- most programs show exactly how many words you use so u don't have to "read that shit"

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Umm yeah she could have won it , she could have bought it maybe she has a job , and either way remember what OP said her/his DAUGHTER computer so all rights reserved to her . And either way the OP prob installed the updates because they wanted to be nosey especially if they had time to read 5,000 words without said daughter coming in and seeing it

I'm tkk fuxked up to remember nut you tell jer how messed up that is in the morning. damn I gotta drink less. my apologize FML family. it's been a night full of alcohol and tithes. you know that doesn't end well. I'm a terrible role model for the kids these days.

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41- technically you don't legally "own" anything until you are 18 or legally emancipated. So it's within OPs rights to snoop

I'm only 16 and I bought my own laptop. It's called a job. Not all kids are lazy spoiled brats.

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Hopefully she'll grow out of it.

Yeah that would be hilarious. And Op omg I am so so sorry.

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#180..He should really do that. It would totally freak her out. But, I think she would get the hint, maybe.

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#41 Just because OP paid for the computer doesn't make it his. When you give birthday gifts to people do you still consider it yours since you paid for it? He had no right to be snooping! Even teens are entitled to some privacy!

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the very fact that you call you own daughter a freak gives you a YDI...

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the very fact that you call you own daughter a freak gives you a YDI...

Depends on what they are writing about. If it involves Twilight I do not read it. But some you wish were part of the story.

174- yea, your probably right. I have an iMac and the software I use doesn't say how many words you've written.

Change the last line on every to "I will not lush for fictional characters" maybe that would get to her

166 and I guess he read at least part of it cause he knew what it was about

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242 - Apparently you still live in the 1900s.

I built my own desktop when I was 14. I bought all of the parts.

lol I meant. then he probably paid for it**

I agree. My parents used to read my instant messenger chat history all of my life untill I stopped using it.

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381- nope I live in the present, look up the law of ownership. I cam be thumbed down all day, doesn't make me any less right

Only some fanfiction is creepy. If it's sex, yes. Hilarious shit, It's amazing.

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at least it wasn't megatron from transformers

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...and satisfaction brought it back.

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Could have been worst it could have been the girls from twilight. Wait would that have been worst?

hey she lost that privacy when she had him do updates. what kid doesn't know how to update computers themselves these days any ways.

Lmao...sounds like something my mom would do/did...

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My nine year old brother bought his own netbook...My parents but my laptop though...

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Btw, fanfiction is a harmless way to express her sexuality, instead of whoring with 1/2 of the football team, plus she is a teenager, we teens are hormonal, (granted im a guy) hope you learn your lesson, good bye...

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Yeah, but imagine if it were an anime fanfiction. For girls, there is a type of manga that is made specifically to display their worst, weirdest, sexual fantasies about their favorite anime guys having gay sex. It's actually really popular among fangirls for some reason. But whatever, guys got the majority of the internet for ****, and fangirls got yaoi.(that's the name for said type of manga)

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that is still an invasion of privacy I'm sure you didn't buy the first house you ever lived in and didn't pay the bills so it's alright for your parents to snoop in your room and snoop in on your most private thoughts in a diary you had hidden (even if you didn't have one) and you just trusted them to fix something broken or to put your new bed in there without having them snoop threw your stuff. It's TOTALLY okay, it's tecnicly not your room or your stuff cuz they probably bought the spiral, note book what ever it was. Its DEFFANATLY alright fir them to read every secret feeling, thought, fantasy you ever had. Right???

448- dont be a know-it-all and take everything from such a technical perspective, we're not questioning the legality of what he did, that would be ridiculous, we're questioning the morality of not giving your children privacy

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Wow... All of you saying this is not right, and an invasion of privacy are STUPID. If YOU choose to live in THEIR house, THEY have the right to look through YOUR shit whenever they want. Get over it. They're your parents, you don't get the "Right" to true privacy until you move out. So STFU.

As a 16 yo, you have no legal right to privacy. As long as your parents are liable for you then they have the right. As far as the snooping goes, quite ****** up. I have a daughter and snoop all the time. But I look for things that could legally get her or us in trouble. Who cares about some stupid fan fiction with a couple flaming idiots. Get over it! As another poster put it, be thankful it's a story by her and not a story about her and 1/2 the football team. Now that would be a FML!

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If some buys something for you then it is yours. You don't get to take back gifts when it suits you, even the law agrees on that, dummy. So regardless of who paid for it, he was wrong to go snooping around on her computer. I think its better that she experiment on paper than be out getting pregnant

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You are a dumb asshole. Nuff said.

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Getting a gift doesn't make them a lazy spoiled brat. Some kids earn their stuff by getting good grades. And in most places it's actually hard to find a place hiring 16 year olds.

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I laughed. Alot. And everyone gave me evils.

fan-fiction is not actually suppose to be sexual, what its suppose to do is be your own version of how things should have gone, say for instance in the twilight books if you would have liked it better for Bella to end up with Jacob or even with a normal guy like mike newton you would rewrite the story or even just a chapter leading her down that path instead, its just like when you watch a movie and your like NOOO don't go there that's so stupid, well if you could you would make the movie the way you wanted it right, well that's all fan-fiction is suppose to be, some people make it sexual but that's their own choice. you shouldnt find it creepy or uncomfortable its just creative writing.

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Ydi for not using a condom 16 years and 9 months ago :P

I am a SUPER Twilight Team Edward fan and would kill for the story to be true so I can be Bella and be with Edward, my love forever.

You "raised" a freak? sound like a ******* child, OP. I've said this before and I'll say it again...children have NO business "raising" other children. I hope she calls you a freak when you're 80 and ******** yourself.

Today, I noticed my fanfiction story had been opened. Also, my dad keeps looking at me weird. I think he must of read it. I can't believe I have such a childish freak for a father. I can't wait to move out with the laptop I bought a year ago and cut contact. FML

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You bought her that laptop, so therefore, you have veto power. ground that freak.

Congrats, your daughter is a stereotypical fangirl.

I hope you didn't read it, because that would make you a perv.

*insert comment about how fan fiction is a means for expressing feelings* LOL JK, fan fiction isn't right. The worst is that Harry Potter fan fiction... Not gonna say the whole story, but it involves Hermione and a hippogriff. Yeah.

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and you dressing like a goth isn't a goth isnt stereotypical nowadays? or is dressing like everyother "unique" person still you being "unique" ?

She isn't goth because she have legit hair. Just sayin.

Write in her laptop: how many vampires does it take to screw in a light bulb? Their whole race! One to screw it in and the rest to die. And then the other one dies too.

At least they didn't find the telletubby and snape fanfic, cause that shit exists

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Hahahaha well you did raise her..

With some help from the mom....I wonder if the mom is weird also...?

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Daddy taught her well i guess

Hey, if two female werewolves fight would that be a catfight or a dogfight?

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agreed. we will forever be known for sparkling vampires.

Teenage stars have been around for way more generations than just our one.

Atleast it's just sparkling vampires... Could be worse.. Like... (FML fill in the blank time! :D)

I don't know about that, I don't think it can get much worse than sparkling vampires (knocks on wood)

aFatFuck 0

Yeah this generation sucks (for the most part) but just remember it was the generations before us that ****** it up so badly for us to be this way.

So would sparkling flying invincible homosexual vampires with unicorn horns be considered a bad thing? :p

143- But this generations teenage stars are pathetic in comparison, haha

If Edward were to jump off a building 95% would morn, I'd be one of the 5 percent sitting at the bottom with a lawnchair and beer yelling do a backflip you glittering ******

If only kids these days would stop obsessing over insanely loyal mythological boyfriends and go back to slavering at a hip thrusting guy saying "A little less conversation, a little more action please"! Ah the good old days, lol. Hey, Elvis is cool but I don't give him any points over Twilight - and I definitely wouldn't unless I was also a failure of a father like OP.

We could have been born in the generation of glam rock/metal.

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**** you, dont forget who raised this generation

dd809 9

But don't forget that only you are responsible for the way you are and the choices you make. You can't blame other people for your own behavior.

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@#380: THIS! Twilight may not be great literature, but what's with all the jackasses treating kids like crap just because they like the books? Hell, the way I see it I'm GLAD that for once teens are getting all worked up over something from a book! It's much better for them to be reading books than being focused on the usual brainless celebrity copying & trying to start a sex life super young and other such nonsense. That's far worse...

Yeah that is so true. Teenagers can go around biting people and trying to be vampires/werewolves. Thats much better.

That is a great point, as well. Women worldwide are opressed sexually to varying degrees. I do know about this double standard. I didn't bring it up in my first reply because I was replying to your statements. One of the things that bothers me is the violation. I do not think there is any reason to be snooping in her personal writings unless invitied. These writings in particular are the most personal of persoanl writings, her innermost fantasies. Once, a family member stole my diary, read it, and told me I needed help. When you write for your own persual, you are free to say anything. Other people coming in and reading it will bring their own biases and judgments. I feel the worst for OP's poor daughter. Kurt Cobain compared the theft of his journals to rape, and in a way it is a huge violation.

Quite right. How dare this individual not only snoop in this girl's private files but then go on the Internet with the findings. Even anonymously, that is a real invasion of privacy.

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The book aren't really that bad. They're not. I kinda like them. It's the movies that make me want to pull my hair out. I bet if the movies were never made Twilight wouldn't be so harshly talked about.

I feel ashamed that I am part of this generation. Just give me Transformers and I'm good to go.

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Completely agree. There's people in my class at school who don't know who Queen, the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin is!

I'm a typical female American teenager. My diet consists of Twilight and McDonald's.

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"I'm an ignorant commenter. My life consist of being rejected and jacking off."

MsMeiriona 2

Well, come on, sex with corpses and shapeshifters kinda goes in the 'freak' zone for me, dunno about you.

Wow, how is this not moderated? Direct insult to a country. And they failed to add an N to America-.-

Im guessing u like twilight. I bet u also have Beiber Fever. Or as i call it, the early signs of gayness.

koolkat27 13

218- I'm gonna get a lot of hate comments, but I actually like Justin beiber because he seems like a genuinely good person. twilight on the other hand sucks ass.

Apparently, who or what ever edited my comment doesn't realize that I was quoting something. It was from a Japanese cartoon. Jesus...

Don't go snooping if you can't handle what you might find...

And the world is in the hands of her generation. Sobering, isn't it?

limblessorphan 4

Well, what is so great about the current one?

aFatFuck 0

It's already been in the hands of a Chimp and his bald Master so I think well be alright