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Today, my boyfriend of three years sent me a text message saying "It's over!". I sent him maybe a thousand texts saying "Why?", "What do you mean?!" After an hour of crying and whatnot, I realized he had driver's education today and that he was saying the class was over. FML
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I'm just wondering if this realization happened before or after the angry lie phase? "Oh yeah? Your peepee's small, and I did your brother, your daddy, AND your mom!"

  Ambrily  |  27

#75: I pay €10/month and I have 400 minutes to call, 1000 SMS and 2 GB to surf the net. I'm not trying to sell anything, it's only that $10 are pretty expensive just for texts, according to me...


With my prepaid phone, before I decided to get a plan, I had to spend around 25 dollars for unlimited texting every month and that wss all I would get. If I wanted talk time I would have to buy another card to load onto my phone.


But she sent thousands of texts and it took an hour to work out what he meant...if he didn't respond to any of those texts in that time what makes you think he was answering calls?

  I_Bite  |  22

I'm in Aus but I pay $80 a month, I get unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 5GB data and the phone with it. Wish I could get something like that for $10!

  jazzy_123  |  20

109, it's possible. I remember one time, I was on the phone with my boyfriend. I couldn't hear him because the line kept breaking up and we were arguing over something stupid. The last thing I heard him was"... breaking up.." and I automatically yelled "what??!!" and almost started crying. Then he laughed at me for freaking out. He had actually said "you're breaking up" Now that I look back, it is funny lol.


Um, there are a lot of insecure people, maybe she wasn't exactly liked by family or school, we all have insecurities. And she was more than likely using hyperbole to exaggerate how devastated she was. Not saying you're wrong, but you're definitely not right either.


almost everyone has.insecurities. And everyone has, at some point, jumped to conclusions. the people on this fml need to get off their high horses instead of acting like theyve never jumped to conclusions on something silly before.
obviously, the 1000 texts part was an exaggeration. Im thinking she may have sent around 9 or 10 texts asking for an explanation and asking what he means (from reading the fml). also, 9 or 10 texts isnt that big of a deal to some people who are constant texters.
Another factor to be taken into consideration is if maybe OP was having a terrible day and something like this has happened to her before. Of course she would be worried and crying. Not all relationships show signs of breaking up before they do (I dated a guy for 2 12 years and randomly broke up with me the day after Christmas when the next day he was saying how much he loves me and got me Christmas presents. turns out he was wanting to get back with his ex that he was talking to behind my back).
yes, she was jumping to conclusions but who doesn't? As for saying she was over reacting... I disagree. if you think someone is randomly breaking up with you then why wouldnt be freaking out?