By rainbows? more like shitstorms - 17/08/2012 00:22 - United States

Today, I was suntanning outside, when I had a bout of nausea. I rushed to the toilet, hoping at all costs to just dry-heave it away. When I lifted the lid, I was faced with two of the most rancid floaters I've ever seen, courtesy of my live-in gran. Well, my stomach's empty now. FML
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I hate it when people don't flush. Age shouldn't matter because we were all supposed to be taught since a very young age.

lol I thought of Skittles when I read your name..


lol I thought of Skittles when I read your name..

Lol you're thinking of skittles till you read the post... Then everything changes...

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Now if only OP barfed a rainbow!

Hey doc, i think im gay! How can you tell? Rainbows!!! (Asdf reference)

And imagine what that rainbow tastes like. Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom.

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ouch! This kinda stuff you can't make up, unlike some FML's. That really does suck, aha

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44- I get that, but the vast majority of people on FML probably don't.

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44 - Edit: Hey doc, I think I might be a homosexual! How can you tell? *man barfs a rainbow* RRRAAAAIIINBOOOWWSSS!!!

If you're outside why not just vomit out there?

Throwing up is one of the worst things ever; Granny spit-up isn't much better. FYL!

31 - I think you would feel different about that if you threw up for 7 hours straight.....

Well at the end of 7 hours you would feel extremely relieved. The relief level stacks up the more you vomit, I would say.

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Strange, I never feel good after I throw up. Sure I'd feel relieved that it's finally over but I always cry after I'm done. It's usually from the pain in my stomach and throat from the acids.

I feel adrenaline after I throw up. It's a nice feeling. Is that normal? Does anyone else get that? Please help.

When I'm sick and throw up, so I puke once every hour or two, it sucks. It's painful and uncomfortable. But when running gets hard at a football practice and I start to feel horrible, throwing up is the best thing ever. It depends on the scenario, maybe even what kind of vomit.

There are definitely two types of vomitting: one is where you feel like you've eaten and/or drank too much. Once you puke, you feel so much better. The other is where you can't stop puking if your life depended on it. Very annoying and, more so, painful! I'm only adding my two cents because having gastroparesis makes me puke, multiple times a day. I know the difference :-).

126, after 20 minutes of puking, I want to roll over and die. It is never fun and bile and acid tastes horrific. Not to mention all the wonderful foods that have been ruined.

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What?! Ewwww haha I hope your stomach feels better. :)

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Yep OP's gran helped her get that awful feeling out of her tummy.

I was eating bacon while I read this. God damn it!

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That's disgusting! But at least you threw up and got it over with.

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Was Mr. Hankey in the toliet?

This FML makes my stomach want to empty. Ugh, sorry OP. Flush before you even lift the lid next time!

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How when OP is already face down in there?

6 - If I'm about to puke my guts out (or suspect I might) my LAST thought would be "Hmm maybe I should check the toilet while holding back this lovely bile trying to release itself from me". Most normal people flush after doing their business, I'd assume I would be all clear for landing in OP's situation.

I hate it when people don't flush. Age shouldn't matter because we were all supposed to be taught since a very young age.

She probably used an outhouse when she was young. I doubt she was taught to flush.

Floaters are poos that don't always flush the first time. My brother used to do them all of the time.

Later in life though, surely at some point before she was old she used a regular toilet that flushes.

I have a brother who is a senior in high school. He's incredibly gifted yet has about a 50% flush rate. Makes for the start to some terrible mornings.

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#8, No, you're wrong. People at either end of the lifecycle are excused from flushing duties. They can also talk about things like fisting girls to ******.

really perdix? at either end of the life cycle they can talk about fisting girls to ******? I think not.

Well, there's unfortunately, always the possibility of dementia and/or alzheimer's. Could account for forgetting to flush :(

Well perhaps she flushed but the poo didn't go, and didn't check. She had put the lid down so I'm guessing thats why she didn't reflush as she didn't know it hadn't gone. But op doesn't give enough details to say if she did flush or not.

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Hopefully you didn't stick your face down in the toilet before you looked!

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Grammar, grammar, grammar.* ****, there's a serious echo in here. Someone lay some carpet and decorate the place.

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Choir at its best. May I join you guys?