By sopissed - 13/06/2012 18:13 - United States - Laurel

Today, I went to take my driver's test, and I did almost everything perfectly. The last thing was to back into a driveway. As I went to put my hand on the passenger seat to look over my shoulder, I got so nervous that I hit my instructor in the face. FML
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Keep your pimp hand strong.

I'm sure he couldn't hold it against you! After all, beating your passengers doesn't make you a bad driver...


I take it you failed?

Why would he fail a driving test for hitting his instructor in the face? If he hit his instructor with car, then he'd fail.

11- Well, I'm sure if the instructor was a prick he'd think of a reason for failing Op after being back handed like that.

that'd be the dumbest reason to fail... then again I knew someone who took there test and had to parallel park. and did it perfect and when the car stopped it jerked a bit and they failed him completely... he told the instructor to get out of his vehicle and walk home.

When I took my driving test I was so nervous, that when I did my two point turn, I ended up in the grass completely. I can definitely relate. You must have been mortified. I really hope you passed, though.

Well, if the OP wrote this FML after his test was finished (which is obviously the case) then he probably would have failed, as unjust as that is. If it was me and I had passed after slapping my instructor, I would just laugh the incident off.

Slap him then say - "Now go make me a sandwich bitch."

you arent supposed to turn around and look through the back window to reverse. you should use the mirrors.

Lol.... Did you pass?

Is there a reason he didn't pass? It was an accident and I don't see how that would affect his driving skills.

I'm sort of leaning towards the conclusion that he failed just because; 1.) His username "sopissed." 2.) It's on FML. Just my thoughts there for everyone.

Where I am you have to keep your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, so why would he take his hands off in the first place

You take your hand off and put it on the chair to your side so that you can turn and get a better look behind you.

139 He was backing up

Sorry I meant 134

yea I know he was. When I took my driving test the rule was 10 and 2 at all times you don't take your hands of the wheel unless using turn signal or shifting

Bad luck indeed, but I'm sure he passed the test.

Did you apologize? :( Proper manners!!!

Well... Did you get your liscense? :D

I've done that to my mom. Smacked her glasses right off her face

I'd love to 'accidently' do that to my mom xD

Wish I could do that. Lol shed hit back though XD

Everyone, let's all 'accidentally smack our moms!

Well, she could have been waiting for that chance for a long time

Keep your pimp hand strong.

You ain't a pimp without your baby powder!

Yes, I too thought of the pimp-slap while reading this. As long as OP didn't slap the living daylights out of the instructor, I'm pretty sure s/he'll pass. 70 - Reminds me of the "who you finna try?" video. XD

I'm sure he couldn't hold it against you! After all, beating your passengers doesn't make you a bad driver...

Could be useful in quieting distracting passengers :D

Just showing you are good at multi-tasking.

Maybe next time?

Tip to self: don't hit my instructor in the face during a driving test.

*Note to self

Maybe he was giving himself a tip. Don't go all grammar Nazi on everyone.

Couldn't stop myself. Sorry for the fail, everyone.

Like everyone else is assuming, I'm guessing you failed? Don't worry, the good thing about driving tests is that there's always a second time! And a third, and fourth, and. . . :)

And then you go to Mrs. Puff's Boating School.

And then you end up transforming into Spongebob Squarepants.

72-I think that was the punch line....

38 - you seriously just brought back some great memories! Love Spongebob :)

*in a deep voice* OH SPONGEBOB, WHYYYY???!!!

POW! Right in the kisser!

I immediately thought of Cinderella Man, anyone remember the scene when he's teaching his little daughter how to 'box' and his friend comes and says, "right in the kissa"...anyone? No? Ok. It's not really relevant..cheers!