By Katie - 23/06/2011 16:39 - United States

Today, I was rear-ended while at a stop sign, by my driving instructor. FML
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aliceisbored 11

Sounds like a good teacher!

enonymous 8

My instructor had to rear end me for a good 10 minutes before he let me pass the test.


aliceisbored 11

Sounds like a good teacher!

Obviously there's gonna be Asian jokes!

VinegarStrokes 0

That's what you get for learning how to drive in Wisconsin.

YEEEA WISCOO! but you're clearly leaning from the best

sxe_beast 11

@10 - Actually Wisconsin is ranked pretty high in the country for having the best drivers. They also are ranked high for having the least amount of tickets. They're tied for first place on this list, and on a few others they're in the top 10. (They're ranked 40th for amount of tickets, number 1 being worst).

imacreeper 3

that was totally called for! :)

enonymous 8

My instructor had to rear end me for a good 10 minutes before he let me pass the test.

flockz 19

^ how hard did he hit u? was your rear bumper totaled? lol

enonymous 8

Not my first driving test. Stick shift needed a bit of lubricating and I put on my hazard lights. All in All he was able to fill up my tank

flockz 19

sounds like he was a professional if he had lube to make the stick shift easier to slide.

31...I feel like there may be some sort of subliminal meaning behind this...

42- I believe the sky might be blue

KiddNYC1O 20

43- Haha, good one. Obvious is obvious lol.

hahafylop 4

Thanks for stickin up for us Cheeseheads, 26.

26- good try. there is no way the state that is know for making alcohol can have a good driving record. how much more backwards can you get?

That was your pop quiz!

lol 59 ur pic made me lol!

adropofpeace 8

He was obviously showing you what NOT to do!

Sounds like your average masshole when you come up to new england

sxe_beast 11

Well, 59, it appears to be to true. The worst states would be New York, New Jersey, California, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Texas, DC (not a state), etc.

well you obviously stopped too fast!

IcySnake 0

My driving instructor never rear ended me :(

BigHoshJosh 0

irony's a bitch

runepop 0

mine neither! we have so much in common.

Hahaha :( to not being rearended

third!! thumbs down lol

only in wisconsin

mruizk9 7

gotta love it!!

Thabb 0

No more lessons, I'm guessing.

That's exactly the kind of person that should teach people how to drive. What a moron! Sorry OP.

Hey don't criticize before knowing the whole story! What if someone slipped him a ruffie? What if he was getting away from a date rape? Wouldn't feel so good then, would you? Yeah that's what I thought.

1215116a 14

I'm sure that later the instructor would tell the Op and the cops that he was trying to escape someone, and op would put this up because it would be the instructors fault.

1215116a 14

*wouldn't and *wouldn't.

Iwashere12345 0

#8- your comment confused me so my response is........ what??!

it's roofie, you shroom

Yes, because of course, when someone gives you a roofie, people like to drive! If he was driving, he would be dead already

MufMuf_fml 5

...sounds like you've learned from the best...

he won't be getting a raise any time soon.