By Anonymous - 09/12/2012 14:53 - United States - Conroe

Today, my boyfriend of 4 years drunkenly introduced me to another very special lady. His wife. FML
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How do yu not expect something going on in the 4 years y'all was together, just seems like a big thing to hide and yu obviously ignored hints, but that sucks

Llamassss 21

I don't know why you guys are being so hard on 3. She didn't say OP deserved it, just that she's surprised that someone could hide a marriage for so long. I actually agree. OP is either extremely nieve or this guy has ample resources in order to pull off a really elaborate scheme to hide a marriage for 4 years. I bet he had two homes or something. I imagine someone would start to get suspicious long before 4 years passed as to why she could never go to her boyfriend's home or notice that there were signs that another woman was living in his home.

A friend of mine knows a guy who has a couple of girlfriends at the same time, and no one of them suspects anything. By which I want to say that if you're a talented douche, you can hide important things like having a wife.

Do you mean a couple as in "a few," or the proper meaning as in "two." I don't understand how or why people maintain several relationships at once. It must be exhausting.

You obviously don't know a thing about relationships.

"Do you mean a couple as in "a few," or the proper meaning as in "two."" It were three, I believe. Terrible exhausting, if you ask me. You need a good memory that never mixes anything up, unbelievable good planning skills, very realistic excuses and an incredible lack of ethics.

Yeah, but eventually he'll slip up somewhere or neglect one or more of them to the point that she becomes suspicious. That's what happened with my ex husband and his numerous mistresses. That took only a few months. I am baffled as to how OP's boyfriend got away with it for four years. Maybe she's been suspicious for a long time, but didn't know what to do about it.

Anyway, I don't understand why people do shit like this. If monogamy isn't your thing, why not simply have lots of one-night-stands?

Or search for someone who wants a polyamorous relationship? Who knows, maybe they like the pressure and receive kicks from succesfully lying... And you said it, 'eventually'. I do believe that some people are so good in lying that they can 'easily' hide their secret girlfriend, wife, kids, house, jobs... for a couple of years. Reminds me of Catch me if you can, although that's slightly different.

Maybe that's what it is. Some people are truly twisted, and I guess as a matter of survival they are forced to become highly adept at hiding it. Although, I'm still a bit surprised that someone who can apparently hide a double life for years would screw up in such a huge and blatant way--getting so shit faced that he rats himself out.

So did you guys work out Christmas dinner?

Threesome...can't beat them, join them.

mduffy08 8

If you joined a threesome, then it wouldn't be a threesome.

So true and thank you for pointing that out but my comment was meant to be sarcastic as are most comments on FML. Do you need emoticons to understand sarcasm? :/

48- you obviously missed his sarcasm.

NzaHaFML 13

You'll be great friends, you guys seem to already find one thing in common.

How long has she been his wife? More or less than four years?

Yeah, this is pretty crucial here. There's a big difference between cheating on both of you for four years and maybe having just drunkenly married this other woman a few hours ago.

Either way this is definately a moment were "dump him" comments are a little bit ok.

jdmur 6

Like at a party...? How did this situation even come to be!

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Poor guy was happy to introduce you to her

medichick 5

Four years is a long time to not know anything was going on. What an ass tho.

28- It's all relative? If you compare it to the length of time since the universe began, it's essentially the same as 4 seconds. And four seconds is a pretty quick time span for something to escalate in.

not even a quadrillionth of a second dude... In comparison to when the big bang happened the time since then.. compared to time life has existed on earth.. life in comparison hasn't even been a second..

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She/he likes different music than you, get over it.

46 Dont like it? Grab a beer till you do.. *bang*