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Today, I got a promotion and transfer at work. My first responsibility is to fire my soon to be father in-law. FML
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Ask if someone else can let him go. Say it's a conflict of interest


Ask if someone else can let him go. Say it's a conflict of interest

OPs boss is an absolute twat if he/she knowingly is forcing them to create a rift in his soon to be expanded family. This is absolute crap and unprofessional. Op needs to demand their boss have someone else do it. Such a huge conflict of interest this is.

Maybe they didn't know? All the OP has to do is go to their boss and ask to have someone else do it because of the CoI. FYL OP

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It's not unprofessional for his boss, because If the future father in law is a bad employee he needs to be let go. Besides for all we know the boss doesn't even know about OP's situation.

I am airing on the side of knowing. Typically those who are family or going to be family are known within companies. If it is the case it's in bad taste to ask a family member to do something of this nature. I would view it as unprofessional and otherwise something I would never knowingly do to one of my minions. Er--employees/underlings. However, if the boss doesn't know then OP needs to be vocal about the issue. If the boss still insists then I'd hate to be a fly on the wall when OP tells the future FIL. That's going to be a pretty awkward conversation. I'd personally like more info on what kind of job this is etc from the OP.

Well fire him and hire him with a better package

I never understood employers who have their employees fire other employees. Like, what?

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You see, bosses have managers fire peons to save themselves the wasted time of listening to the unwanted former employee whining about their lot in life, how they don't possess the skills to feed their family without this job etc.

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the question is do OP like him, because if he don't. what can be a better wish to do

Can't you explain to him that it's not your choice he gets a severance package and that you hope this doesn't change your relationship with him?

Crap I appear to have forgotten where the comma button is.

The comma button? Really it's right next to the "any key"!

You're marrying his offspring. Do you really think he'd be any less happy to do the same to you?

Depends on their relationship, really. Oftentimes the father-in-law has nothing to prove and no-one to impress.

I'm sure if you explain the conflict of interest, someone else will be able to do it. If not, hopefully your father in law will understand that you didn't make the decision to fire him and are just doing your job.

Yeah definitely have a talk with your boss about that. That's something he should understand. Hopefully it doesn't put both of you in tight spots.

Couldn't you try to convince them or put in a good word for him? Fyl and his life!

That's a sticky situation. Just brace yourself. Unfortunately, you might have to deal with the wrath of your fiancé.