Lingering smells

By UptoHERE - 04/02/2010 03:18 - Canada

Today, I was on a road-trip with some of my buddies, when we stopped at a gas station. When I opened the door to their bathroom, brown water flowed out, soaking my legs up to my knees. I then spent another 2 hours in an enclosed vehicle. FML
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So the door to a gas station washroom was watertight, eh? And it opened out, rather than opening in? And the water in the bathroom was much much higher than your knees, since you were outside the bathroom upon opening it? And no employees nor visitors had opened that door for however many hours it would have taken for that much water to build up? And you opened the door wide enough to actually be hit with the majority of the water flow, fast enough that you didn't notice the problem in time? Okay, I believe you. Just checking.

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You were on a road trip... But didn't have any other clothes you could've grabbed and changed into?


Fyl ahhaha I sound like such an ass rightnow

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what does the storys hilarity have to do with op deserving it?

I feel bad for your buddies. I would have just left you there

if u were on a road trip shouldn't you have had another pair of pants?

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i doubt this story sooo much. becuz why would there have been 2 in. of crap on the floor and no out of order sign?

metalfan: Because no one had discovered it until the OP opened the door, duuuuuuh. I think it took you exactly zero seconds to think before you typed. :D

2 inches?! he said up to his knees! so this is even more of a fake attention seeking cockmeister douche bag.

Yep, I agree. Ditch the pants. Even if you don't have spares. I'd do it. Even though I know any guys on the trip would be staring. Unless you're going comando. Then take a pair of sissors and cut em-off. Better than smelling like shit the entire car ride.

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this is so obviously fake. like the water would build up to knee height before it seeps under the door

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Dude find a walmart and buy a new pair take it as a loss throw them away

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no I would of taken everything I ******* needed and wanted for the shit on me-the least they can do

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third and that sucks. I once accidently kicked over a canister full of moldy water and soaked my pants. the kicker was I was 3 hrs from home and a fresh pair of pants

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#6: Interpreting the sentence, "I was 3 hrs from home and a fresh pair of pants"... You're assuming: "I was [3 hrs from home] and [a fresh pair of pants]" Failing to assume "I was 3 hrs from [home and a fresh pair of pants]" was your own elementary-school-level fault, not the fault of the commenter you were criticizing.

you fail at being funny.. but win at being obnoxious. you don't need to ruin EVERY single FML with your stupid comments on other people's errors.. they're just little stories for entertainment ..not a ******* English exam.

#45: So you're saying you recognized #4's intent and chose to ignore it in order to be a jackass for no good reason, then implying that I didn't do exactly the same? Heh.. I think you're a little lacking in the logic department.

Cmon, Snickerdoodles [were] just having some fun... Don't make a grammar exercise out of FML, retard. If you're that good at linguistics, go to one of those super nerdy seminars in your average community college and keep that kinda shit to yourself instead of ******** on people here. Oh and by the way, you talk like an arrogant douche. Not cool.

#52: You seem to be under the impression that sarcasm exempts you from the responsibility of a dumb decision. Of course you recognized what #4 MEANT, but the problem is that the comment you think was a "joke" (#6) just doesn't work when the grammar you're trying to make fun of had nothing wrong with it. To put it in other words, you were calling #4 out for ambiguity, but ambiguity in that type of phrase is normal and prevalent (because anyone with a brain can choose the correct interpretation based on context). That leaves your comment as unfunny, unprovoked, and just plain rude.

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snickerdoodle just got toldd ooooooooooo

I agree with 49. You don't have to be a grammar Nazi. It's not like there's any extreme importance on getting spelling and such done right on fmylife.

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I remember the days when you could tell a joke and people would understand it was a joke. ... Those were the good ol' days :')

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51- lmao!! about time u use ur mean funny for someone that's worth it!!!

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57- u just made my day good use if English! lol an are u a Law student or anything like that?? cuz if not u should look into it :)

mcgangbang: You win this argument simply for having the name "mcgangbang."

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he saying he is three hours away from a fresh pair of pants... not he is a fresh pair of pants ydi

Sue the gas station for damages to personal property. It probably won't be worth it but it might make you feel better.

If you ate serious: I hate you. if you are kidding: I still hate you. That "joke" validates the actions of others to "sue for damages". Yeah, sometimes it's valid, but most of the time it's just money grabbing.

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suing for that reason isn't money grubbing, it's a WASTE of money.

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Go back there, go to the washroom again and (if you don't get splashed with shit water again) excrete your body waste all over their floor and walls. And leave the water running.

Probably the ongoing circle that's happening to multiple people^

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WTF up to ur knees!? this sound like something out of a movie, flooded restroom? WTF!?

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You were on a road trip... But didn't have any other clothes you could've grabbed and changed into?

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ewwieee that's so gross. you should have bought a new pair of pants so you could change into them. sucks