By RIP Turd (peacebeuponit) - 17/12/2014 18:47 - Lebanon - Beirut

Today, I took a crap. When I stood up to admire my handiwork and flush, I noticed blood-red everywhere in the toilet. I freaked out like a little girl, thinking I was bleeding out of my ass. Then I noticed the ketchup packets my roommate had slipped under the seat to prank me. FML
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Your roommate is my spirit animal.

what if you really were bleeding though the ass and didn't see it through the ketchup?


Your roommate is my spirit animal.

Gravenmuir 18

Next time put chocolate sauce on his French fries before he gets them. Payback...

That sounds like a gift, not a prank. Have you ever eaten fries with ice cream? Amazing.

or fries with peanut butter...

Thats not payback thats helping them out that is a great combo.

thank you juan. everyone thinks im weird

Perhaps maybe you meant hot sauce?

I need to try this sometime

That is genius

Not original, though. Didn't you read Captain Underpants as a kid? That was one of their favorite pranks.

It is, but I think he should get his roommate back for that.

what if you really were bleeding though the ass and didn't see it through the ketchup?

I want to know, since when do little girls freak out about bleeding assholes?

um I don't think they're supposed to bleed there

Mf2307 15

it would be time to go to the hospital or doctor if u were

incoherentrmblr 21

Could just be really bad constipation or internal hemroids. Happens to me every now and then...

Idiot down voters can suck my left one. OP wrote "like a little girl" about her "bleeding" ass.

I think it's time to start planning revenge.

I think plotting would work better here, sounds more sinister. Planning sounds like hes going to take his roomate out for an expensive dinner then make the roomate pay for everything. But hey, revenge is revenge.

#59 Get out.

edit: I didn't mean to comment again.

Hahaha that's actually pretty funny OP.

Oh bloody hell

i dun kno why but i read this in a british accent.

Cause it's a British expression


"When I stood up to examine my handiwork" lmao this was so well written