By cjay2200 - 28/08/2011 21:25 - United Kingdom

Today, my son was eating a plum. I was busy in the kitchen, and he came running in saying "Mummy my plum is wet", I told him it was fine and bit a bit off to prove it. He looked at me and said "No Mummy! Can you wash it please, I dropped it in my potty". I feel ill. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

At least he didn't flush it down because then you would have to call a plumber.


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krazy_glu3 0

You never questioned what the wetness came from?

Best idea ever, Genius! Why don't we all stop eating healthy and become obese! **** you dumbass.

Aww, is the douchebag who thinks he's hot in the picture mad? Take a joke, moron.

enonymous 8

Uh... You gonna finish that plum? I've eaten at Arby's I've had worse.

#15, hilarious ******* joke. Pissed myself laughing. You're looking quite sexy in that default pic of yours mate. Until you get one STFU and don't comment about people's pictures.

enonymous 8

18 if it makes you feel better. I'd let you ride the 'stache...

I didn't read any rule about commenting about someones picture after acting superior. I also didn't read rule about having to 'STFU' after some loser tries to complain. Having a picture is your choice, you put it up, you look like a douche bag. I just pointed it out :)

n_epic_fail 14

12- stop being a hypocrite because it seems you yourself is a dumb ass. just because some eats healthy doesn't mean they can't be obese, or that all people that don't are.

Majstr 23

It is not like she is going to die.

Obese people dont eat healthy. Thats why theyre obese? Obviously...

38-on the surface, what you said is true. But you just don't know what goes on in a person's life. Sometimes people become really fat due to an illness. Like how some people become really thin due to an illness. And generally, I don't think it's fair to judge someone based on their body. Everyone have their own insecurities. So it's not fair for us to judge. Do you think fat girls really wanna be fat all their lives? They try to lose weight. But sometimes it's really difficult. I would know. But that doesn't mean that I'm not healthy. Life would be a better place if everyone just have some basic respect for others. :)

#25, are you serious? I will not even drop down to your intelligence level because you will beat me with experience. I may start debating your point once you can construct a proper sentence and use proper grammar. Just for the record, people who do not eat healthy will become fat. And no disrespect to the girl that said shes fat but healthy, I don't think it's possible. Being overweight is unhealthy.

Of course being overweight in the long run is unhealthy. Its just that as of now, I do not have any illnesses yet. But it doesn't mean I won't keep trying to lose weight. And of course I'm not very fit. Running is really a chore. It's insanely tiring. But it doesn't mean I can't do it. Lifestyle is a choice. If someone is fat, it doesn't mean they don't eat healthy. And a thin person doesn't always eat healthy. Our body works in different ways. Bottom line, I'm not saying that it's healthy to be fat. There will be consequences. But I just don't think it's fair to stereotype and discriminate people just cause we're not the ideal.

^^ well said. Hope you attain your goals. I am not discriminating though.

:) I know. I wasn't attacking you or anything. And thanks :)

25 - you sure are an epic fail! 12 & 42 is so right! If you eat healthy, there's no way you'll be obese. Unless you have a serious illness which causes you to be overweight. And that's only a handful of obese ppl. The rest become obese because of their unhealthy eating. And then they get health problems. 25 - you definitely need a nutrition class.

ReynshineCutting 10

You can most definitely eat healthy and be overweight (maybe not obese). And you can most definitely eat nothing but junk food and be as skinny as a rail. I eat mostly healthy and am overweight, my fiancé eats whatever the **** he wants and about 4000 calories a day and only has like 5% body fat. Every person is different.

stacianichole 2

When did obesity/diet/metabolism ACTUALLY become relevant here? Oh wait.

sccrismyantidrg 4

42- For the record: When you insult someone on their sentence structure, you may NOT want to use a run-on sentence in the process; it just looks bad on your part. I suggest using a semicolon like I just did. :)

The plum plummeted past piss powerfully.

IndiRae 9

Pish posh, please pull your panties out of their piled up predicament, the plum is perfectly presentable.

mohammadkm95 6

YDI for eating/touchingANYTHING wet from a child

iAmScrubs 19

No, that's actually a very bad theory for why OP would deserve it.

dd809 9

Apparently you've never been around a little kid. They do a lot of gross unsanitary things. She deserves it for not using a little more common sense. Unfortunately common sense isn't so common these days

morgan020 0

When my 3 year old tries to hand me something wet I always ask why it's wet. And if I'm unsure I wash it immediately. Kids can surprise you with really gross stuff.

She doesn't deserve it at all, but it's true. Never accept anything wet from a kid 6 or under or else you might be in for a bad surprise.

As a teen. Don't bite my food and expect me to eat it after. Not gonna happen.

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Just focus on how much you're strengthening your immune system

iAmScrubs 19

At least he didn't flush it down because then you would have to call a plumber.

I see what you did there. Witty lil bastard ROFL

Probably the wittiest and best comment I've ever seen. Just awesome. ;)

danielabella94 0

Well at that's just gross! I'm sorry :(

That sucks Kids eh? They do the darndest things