Hustlin' 24/7

By Catherine - 23/05/2011 19:33 - United States

Today, I had to go to the emergency room with vision problems. The nurse was helping my mom fill out the paperwork. When asked for her employer, my mom started trying to sell the nurse Aflac, and got into a serious 10 minute conversation about it, all while I'm going blind in my left eye. FML
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ihatecake 0

people these days all about money

imacreeper 3

we just want to make the world dance. forget about the price tag.


imacreeper 3

congrats! you have one the prize of my middle finger. buy one get one free bitch :D

ihatecake 0

people these days all about money

imacreeper 3

we just want to make the world dance. forget about the price tag.

ain't about the cha ching ca ching, ain't about the bla blang bla blang!

DudeImBetter 0

I don't understand how she could deserve it, it's not like that's what she wanted, they should take "YDI" off for FMLs that they didn't deserve at all.

Eggers 2

people have ALWAYS cared about money throughout history dude.

KiddNYC1O 20

^ Yeah, cavemen were so eager to make an extra buck to pay rent.

Predental 5

Thats the correct way to do business.

Eggers 2

70- and look where that got them

ihatecake 0

68 not as much as back then though, compare our economies, but yeah i see your point and wtf im second comment even though no ones before me?

atomicbaboon 0

duh! you think the wheel was made to make moving things easier?? NO! it was made by some genius economist who knew he could make a quick buck... or in this case, shell or whatnot.

dd u say anything....or scream perhaps

Must have lost her power of speech, too.

lmao, when something happens to ur eye, of course ur speaking skillz are affected! *sarcasm* if u didnt already know

futtbuck101 1

Well how do you think she's gonna pay for the medical bills?

antoinemartinez 0

let me smang it girl (smash it and bang) haha this has nothing to do with the fml but I love the song from yur pic

You didn't say anything for 10 whole minutes?

I creep on newbies. Welcome to FML. Enjoy your stay, don't piss KaySL off for the love of god, and feel free to pick on gayboii. The cake is a lie, we only have pie. Sorry.

atomicbaboon 0

come, join me and kaySL on the darkside. we have cookies! and cake. >:)

you should have said something... seriously

shortie916 0

How do you think that your going to pay for your eye? Aflac

degrassilover21 2

Why didn't you say anything? I mean I couldn't wait 10 minutes hearing people talking about Aflac while I'm blond in one eye.

no, judging from her comment I'm pretty sure she's blonde

kc1997kc 9

What is with the freaking blond jokes? I am a blond and bet I have a much higher IQ than any of the idiotic immature miscreants who say rude things like that!

AttucisFinch 0

PMS #60 or do you always go all crazy bitch?

Foreal it's called a blonde JOKE for a reason. learn how to laugh!

learn to laugh at yourself, I learned to laugh at Ginger jokes and the Scottish part in rwj's stereotype song, you should be able to accept insulting humour

Miscreants... lol. And no one here cares how blonde OR smart you are. If you have such a high IQ why aren't you out finding a cure for cancer? Back in the kitchen, bitch!