By mommiedearest - 24/12/2015 16:06 - United States - Columbia

Today, I found a disturbing video on my 8-year-old's tablet. In the video, I was suffering from sleep paralysis. He's convinced I'm part demon. FML
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I bet now he'll never disobey you tho. Think positive OP!

He must have been frozen with fear, poor kid. Maybe you could lend some hellfire to help him out?


I bet now he'll never disobey you tho. Think positive OP!

There are so many opportunities here, get the video camera and find a way to record something that will embarrass him horrendously when he brings his first girlfriend home. It's your duty as a father

What is wrong with you? He is a little kid who was scared of what was happening to his mom, he wasn't trying to embarrass her. And trying to embarrass your kid is wrong. Shane on you #8

He must have been frozen with fear, poor kid. Maybe you could lend some hellfire to help him out?

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Don't forget the deep voice and brimstone as well.

Wait, hang on I'm confused. Are you talking literally that the kid was frozen with fear, because it says "I" and not "he." I'm assuming you meant it metaphorically.

A great opportunity to educate your kid on little known information. Though it is amazing how the imagination of children works.

When Halloween finally comes along you can dress up as a demon and pretend that's your one chance to 'shed' your human skin!!

Tell him that Satan only unleashes your demon form when he misbehaves.

And switxh to a deep voice when he does something bad. Pretend you're changing.

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You never said you weren't one

1. I'm sorry, OP, Sleep Paralysis is ******* horrible. 2. Who the hell gets an 8-year-old a tablet?

Parents of overly spoiled brats and those with learning disabilities, generally.

Maybe it's an old one that got handed down just to play games on, or is actually just for educational purposes? Damn, you people are judgmental.

It's a debate that's way too deep to get into on FML. Let's leave it at that.

I bought my 7 year old that has cerebral palsy a tablet because it's hard for her to hold a pencil due to her tendons retracting...

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Tablets can also be used to help kids learn. My 3 year old niece has one and the only stuff on it is educational games, videos, and even the music is educational. With the way technology is constantly evolving it doesn't surprise me that younger children get introduced to technology early on, and you really shouldn't be so astounded either, it's just a tablet, not drugs.

My nephew has a tablet and he's 5. He's had it since being 2 or so. Its for watching videos and playing games.

My 2 year old has one. He only has learning games. He can count to 20 and sing his ABC's. Don't be so quick to judge.

I know it's a violation of privacy, but I'd be checking his sent messages for any directed at somebody with the name "Winchester" in their address. You might be in for an unwanted dose of rock salt and incestuous romantic tension.

Why would you give your 8 year old a tablet? What happened to our generation

Schools in my local area have swapped traditional learning material with tablets... Even kindergartners use them for learning. Times are changing.

#13 why would you not give your 8y old a tablet? Just because you don't use technology for anything other than **** and social media doesn't mean it's the same with others. It can be used for educational purposes and it's great that kids learn to use technology at early age.

Um, this is wrong. You're AWAKE during sleep paralysis and can't move. Not whatever this person is talking about.

The only thing they say is that they were suffering sleep paralysis in the video. They don't mention any symptoms they displayed on the video, so why are you assuming they are wrong? Especially since the cause of sleep paralysis is that you are in between awake and asleep, more specifically entering or leaving the Rapid Eye Movement period of sleep, which is why people who suffer from sleep paralysis can still move their eyes. People who suffer from sleep paralysis also (usually) have one of three main types of hallucinations while in this state, which also exacerbates the amount of eye movement. Which, kudos to OP's son, rapid eye movement was considered a sign of possession by some paranormal experts.

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OP never said they were "sleeping" during paralysis. Simply that they found the video, which I'm assuming means that they were unaware of being recorded. Plausible if you're paralyzed.

You may think you're awake, but actually you are asleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when you reach stage 4 sleeping or REM(rapid eye movement) sleep, which is a very deep sleep. Once in REM sleep sometimes the neurons in the brain misfire causing sleep paralysis.