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Today, while all the other marines got to fly around the island on a helicopter, I got stuck on gear guard. What was I guarding? The staff sergeant's parking spot. FML
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apply for an officers position

Because that's something you just apply for. No OTS or anything.

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if i could do it anyone can

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thanks but im actually 18, i cant put my real DOB up

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sounds like a PFC to me.. perfect f*cking candidate

You're an idiot. Don't assume that Japanese military rules are the same as Aussie ones.

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your missing my point im trying to say that people need to try, and if you fail you have to get back up and keep trying, the moment you give up, you fail.

First of all, I believe this poster is a US Marine merely stationed in Japan, not a member of the Japanese Army. Secondly, in the US to be an Officer it requires a BA (4 year) degree (there are ways you can be one if you are almost done), and then you go to specific training. You can't just apply like at McDonalds. So it's not just a matter of trying as an 18 year old.

Wow that's as dumb as a 1st sgt telling my husband to massage a sand bag... And getting yelled at for not massaging it properly... How in the world do you massage a freaking sand bag?

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Its exactly the same thing here, you start as an officer cadet and its all about trying and applying yourself, thats the only way you can get to the top just like everything else in life. I never said it was going to be easy.

47- I'm sure your right because i THINK marines are only in the U.S. armed forces. but if I'm wrong feel free to correct me

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49- Your mans 1st SGT is just a dick. I had a SSG in my company who used to pull the same shit. As for you OP. FYL. I had to pull CQ on the weekend our company got to play as OPFOR during MOUT training for the guys in AIT. They came back telling me how the AIT kids got owned while I got to tell them all about staying up for 24 hours answering phones in the barracks day room.

Pretty sure Op is a US Marine, since the Japanese military is the Japanese Army... My husband (also a Marine) was on a deployment there for 8 months... And they have to have a certain amount of credits built up before they can be considered for promotion...unless they are meritoriously promoted...

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no you can't. it's a process. not just "I want to be an officer"

1, 15, 27, 42, 50---Then you aren't an officer, technically I wouldn't even say you are in the military yet. Taking college classes practicing, isn't the same thing. Besides the original post has nothing to do with the person not trying hard, it's the way things go in the military. If you think that by being a lower ranking officer you aren't going to have to follow orders from above and do stupid, menial or just crazy tasks, you are just wrong. So just consider your post here a fail and pick yourself up and try again;). Oh, and #60 I don't know whether Japan has marines or not for sure, but the rank system mentioned makes me assume it's US military.

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definitely US military. i posted this earlier.. i dont know why it says anonymous.

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Quit crying boot. We all had to do our time.

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Becoming an officer isn't as easy as saying, "I think I'll be an officer today." He needs the college credit, for one, and going "green to gold" is a strenuous process that demands the support and participation of your higher ups. You're also assuming everyone WANTS to be an officer. Yeah, because we all joined the military to push paper. Some of us like to actually work for a living. This sort of shit is part of military life. He could become a warrant officer to lessen it, or work up the ranks in enlisted, but stupid crap will always be around, especially because there's always an officer out there who thinks everyone wants to be him, and if they're not trying to be him, they're not trying hard enough.

By the time he becomes on officer wouldn't he have already gotten his helicopter ride?

Thanks to everyone who is/was in the army, marines, ect.

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You throw it at, the one who told you to massage the sandbag in the face, then throw another one 2 massages for the price of 1.

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ugh @ all the military know it alls. youre arguing about your OWN situation, first the australian idiot who assumes everyone is like him, then everyone who follows assuming australia is the same as their country. none of you know what youre talking about.

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and what did your husband do to deserve that

Also, Unconstitutional Slavery Made Constitutional. Working party up!

@47 its my understanding that if an nco demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, they can go to ocs (marines). And considering there is a large Marine base in japan so he is probably a U.S. Marine (read his profile name)

Or he could be on the island in San Diego ( Coronado I think ) training and they could be viewing the island... That makes more sense than Japan

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stop complaining! at least you have an hounerable job

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guarding parking spaces is honorable?!?

Work is work, no-matter what, nonetheless.

yeah you wouldn't understand unless you're in the military..E-3's and below pretty much get screwed over

Dude...unless you're Canadian or from the UK its honorable* and being a soldier/Marine is honorable, because OP probably didn't enlist to be a parking spot guardian. Recruiters make even the worst jobs seem awesome...

gj taking the time to correct yourself and still getting the wording wrong.. fail

it's honourable in Canada and great Britain. you Americans need to stop thinking your spelling is right. you lazy asses can't even put an extra u for simple words like colour and favourite.

I agree with 103, the letter 'u' was invented to be used, so why dont you use it

"Because we're lazy Americans". And don't blame all of us. We didn't all, one by one contribute to writing the language. Some of us might actually write color and favorite with a "U". You never knowwww.

F*ck you 103, you can suck my fat American dick you pretentious a*shole.

No one "invented" the letter U. That's like saying someone invented homework...

Besides, us AMERICANS work smarter, not harder... thus the reason we do not put a pointless effing U in words like color or favorite.

How about we all just take a small to very large dose of shut the hell up. It's a small difference in the way you spell a word.

how did this go from an honourable (Im Canadian, sue me) job, to the letter u, then back to Americans being "smarter" than everyone else..?

Also, 119, 120... why are we actually defending ourselves from these morons? It's our language and we'll spell it however the hell we want to.

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LOL a bunch of Canadians get mad because a guy spelled honorable wrong. IN AMERICA WE SPELL IN AMERICAN (DIALECT) sue me.

why did so many people vote #2 down? being in the army is very honorable. don't get mad at me for how I spell honorable either.

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103 and 106- **** off u annoying ass ***** we owned ur asses in both wars of declaration of independence and 1812u annoying little douche bag go brush ur teeth

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@120 we know how you spell it, so why shouldnt you know how we do? your ignorance is not a reason to criticise other people. the annoying thing here is that not only is the correct spelling voted down and criticised, but when its pointed out that it is correct in a dialect that isnt yours you proceed to make a big deal out of it.

you poor guy. but umm you're a marine dawg, suck it up maggot!!

This is off topic but did anybody catch the latest FML about the cop pulling that guy over? it was fake so I said something, now it's gone, those moderators are fast little bastards aren't they?

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I'm with ya! ****** assholes deletion mah comments!

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Where would he park his Prius if that space was taken?

becouse he is a loser dont dare to vote negative you cant blame me for saying the truth op gotta admit he is a loser so he can start with thinking of ways of being winner


#5 asked why i answered: becouse op is a loser get it ???

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You sound like the dudes from family guy who have been in the country almost long enough to lose their accents...

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I'm going to write a book titled "the ugly little marine". the poor ugly little marine always got excluded from the fun, and all the other marines made fun of him

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looks like your 4th string in this sport.. haha

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That helicopter could've been blown up by an RPG.

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Me too. My boyfriend just got out in August after ten years. I am so proud of what he has accomplished and the man the Marine Corps shaped him to become. :)

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you have good taste ma'am ;)

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u should have been a engineer not a seamen

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68 - i know exactly how you feel, my ex (we're taking a break) is a ranger and went on black ops secret missions all the time. he's such a great man.

U sure he just wasnt playing alot of Xbox?

your mom did too, up until one of her toys "misfired". God rest her soul.

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you're pretty awesome to even attempt a relationship with a career military guy, let alone a ranger or anyone else in the SF community. it's a high stress job, and that high stress often trickles down unintentionally to family and close friends. mad props and I hope you guys work it out.

You'd regret loving a millitary man if somehow he dies and you don't get to see your 'man' anymore.

You do realize, of course, that "Black Ops" are technically nonexistent? There's a difference between that and a "classified" op.

WTF are you saying about whoevers mom?

166 - I'm a military man, why don't you love me?

Too bad most women cheat on their husbands while they are in the millitary.

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@mfmylifesrsly- that man must be very lucky to have you, if you know he's a great guy and are still willing to take a break. I'm a four-year sailor, and I know it's VERY hard to do a long term relationship while active, much less deployed. I've been on both sides of cheating/cheated while overseas, and can't say I'm proud of any of it, but I've grown a lot wiser. even something as simple as not having requirements, but still having someone to come home to, makes all the difference on deployment.

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Total tag chaser. You don't "love" men in uniform, you "love" what the uniform consists of, benefits, money, etc.

lookout fellow servicemen... this woman wants benefits.

Ramirez! Flap your arms and follow those helicopters!

Mushrooms, that made me laugh so hard.

Did Sarge just tell us to guard the parking spot?! Yup, pretty much.

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ramirez take down that nuke with your akimbo throwing knifes !!!

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Wow...what a waste of time...he should have gave you something more productive to do.

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Unfortunately as a junior enlisted member of the armed forces that is considered "productive".

jvillan87 5

Unfortunately as a junior enlisted member of the armed forces that is considered "productive".

The answer to that all depends on who you ask. (;

^true. Nearly 4 years' experience as E3 or below to back it up.


They make us do things like that I guess to show respect and learn how to better follow orders.

how does he deserve this? even though I'm Canadian, he is out there serving your country! if I was him I'd be pissed right the **** off too!

What does being Canadian have to do with anything ?

even though I just ate watermelon and accidentally swallowed a seed, I cannot figure out why he added that

being Canadian has everything to do with it

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sorry buddy but I'm sayin this for the group. Canadians... are.... fails!

read his description. it explains everything.

I think he added it cuz Canada dosnt go to wars, and he shouldn't have to have any positive emotions to the U.S. military.

oh shit I mean Japan sorry (^^) uhm but still you guys get my point!!

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50, Canada DOES go to wars. We took Juno beach in WWII and our forces took Italy. During WWI, we were the only ones who didn't run from German mustard gas. We made gas masks out of piss and cloth and continued to fight. During the current war, we've stationed troops in Afganistan and we're only pulling out cuz that war is just another Vietnam.

Canada is a by-product of France, which finishes nothing and does nothing but insult American intelligence and work ethic. Show me what Canada has done to further North American life. During 9/11, what did Canada do? They donated little paw covers for cadaver and search dogs. Great deal of help you guys were at one of Americas lowest and most tragic moments in history. Long live the land of the free and the home of the brave! In the words of Peter Griffin, 'Canada sucks'.

people say 9/11 was one of the worlds worst moments. using stats 3,500 people died an in Japan over 10000 died. America has killed over 100000 in the middle east. hundreds of thousands of people died in Pakistan Floods. but everyone forgot about them. put things in perspective.

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110 stfu. 9/11 was one of the world's worst moments because every last person who died in the towers was murdered. You can talk all day about natural disasters and industrial accidents, but those aren't intentional. **** you and **** off.

75, as one of the surprisingly few Americans that seems to know that crap too, the thing is that since Canada has such a small population by comparison they never made any large-scale independent actions during any of those wars.. They're always part of British commonwealth forces, which is why they're overlooked so consistently.

you are obviously a cockhead then suck shit

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someone had to do it! thanks for your service! God bless the military

^ ******* bandwagon choose your sides...