By Wyomingwannbe - United States - Lawrence
Today, my wife and I are planning a simple team meal for our son's team. We're stuck on pulled pork or meatballs. I've told her I don't care. She's still indecisive. This has been going on for 2 days. We're now not talking, over meatballs. FML
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  brocho  |  26

It's hard to tell exactly how it was voiced without having been there. Saying "I don't care" is sometimes equivalent to saying "I don't mind", and being a woman myself, some women get all bent out of shape over nothing, so this could be something along those lines.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

it very well could be the problem. my boyfriend is a very laid back guy when it comes to choices and he uses words like maybe, I don't care, sure, I guess, etc. a lot. Drives me nuts. Drives his mother nuts. Sometimes we want to hear an actual answer and not be dismissed because they would rather stare at a game or not be "responsible" for the choice if it goes south.
and a lot of women want to feel like their partner is contributing to the relationship and everyday decisions. Personally I don't like having to be a mother to someone that didn't shoot out of my lady bits, so man up and say yes or no.

also I am not saying she isn't acting out weirdly if this is a one time thing. but I guarantee you that this I don't care attitude happens a lot with choices and this is her breaking point.

  HonestPie  |  10

Eh, it depends on how/when he says it. From what I took from the FML is that he'd be fine with either choice, which isn't a problem in any way whatsoever. Whether he's an indecisive dude in general, who knows? This particular situation, however, does not warrant either person being angry.

By  weissundwaus  |  1

Pick either one and she'll pick the other and then you'll struggle but eventually "cave" and say she's right. This is the way this works. If she's your wife and you have a kid who's old enough to play soccer, how have you not figured this out?

By  Mathalamus  |  24

If she is known to be indecisive, you really should have just chose one. Are you just gonna let her be that way? I wouldn't. And this incoming from a fellow Indecisive person, by the way.

I am aware that simply making choices for her is not the best option, but after two days... Well, it's a valid option...