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By anonymous - 22/03/2012 04:46 - United States - Chelsea

Today, my boyfriend went down on me with whiskey in his mouth. It felt like my genitals were on fire. FML
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he must be a badass to hold whiskey in his mouth that long...he was probably just trying to test the jackass theory in your vag. did you get drunk??

Damn, I was going to say the same thing lol I gave you a thumb up for beating me to it :P

That's not Johnny Cash meant when he sang "Ring of Fire"

I see the word hot and on fire and I straight away thought of the super hot racy wild sweaty all night long sex sessions... Straight turn on. I think op's boyfriend would be stoked as he would think setting op's genitals on fire was a compliment. ON FIRE BABY! Woaahhhhh psssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

enonymous 8

Next time just ask him to use the fire hose to put out your fire

princess151617 4

If its hot take off all your clothes

klovemachine 24

Reminds me of a prank call a friend made. She said 'THERE'S A FIRE IN MY PUSSY!!! HELP!!!'

GoodLookingGeese 10

I'm from Michigan too, that's how I know it can happen.

And if OP had posted from Texas, you would have said 'only in Texas can this happen.' Or if it were Maine, or Arizona, and so on and so on....

Thumbs down. For the duck face in your profile pic.

Better than nyan cat. Man that's annoying! Ignore him 4 you somehow manage to pull off the duckface, your profile picture is basically a miracle!

Lol u have commented on almost every recent fml here

We have a craptastic cat that craps rainbows, a duck, a fan meeting obama, and a murderer in this comment thread. Seems legit.

cobaltss06 1

No she somehow pulls it off and also she is hot

He just though it needs a little disinfecting xD

Nah, more whiskey! She'll get used to it eventually.

For someone who never drank whiskey you should have known it burns. If it burns down your throat it would burn down there

"For someone who never drank whiskey, you should know . . ." Yes. OP should have read the label tattooed on her boyfriend's forehead, 'WARNING: Do not receive oral sex from anyone who retains whiskey in the mouth.'

Or maybe her boyfriend went down on her with whiskey in his mouth like the FML says.

Wow judging by what you said and how u look I'm goin to say u have never gotten any

NoxiousNorwegian 5

Who says that?!?!? I agree with ^^^

calvincole 3

Who knows maybe you haven't gotten any either and don't say stuff about people's pics and stuff besides you probably said that because your trying to hide your inner and outer ugliness so have fun in hell

yeah...I'm a virgin, so ain't the only thing nor the most important thing in life. And yeah, considering I've never licked genitals or been drunk, I had no idea it would burn being on the flesh down there in itself....I more saw it almost like it is when you have a small cut and don't know until you use soap in the bathtub

50 - Dude that's beat up. Why are you going to be like that, some people haven't had sex, some people don't drink. So what? Get over yourself.

And you never even thought this would sting? I fell that you allowed him to do this knowing there was whiskey in his mouth.

BunBunBabe 8

Why would you allow that? Of course that would hurt and burn. I hope he doesn't need to have a mouthful of whiskey to get through doing that to you