By Anonymous - 29/04/2009 22:46 - United States

Today, I was taking the subway to work when I saw a really hot girl. Noticing that she, like me, had a Dunkin' Donuts coffee, I tried to start a conversation by saying, "Is that Double Ds you have there?" She didn't pick up that I was talking about the coffee. FML
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what the **** who says double D's for dunkin donuts you douche you deserve it


rockandrollbf 0

Might wanna be a little more specific next time.

nevermind the coffee, how big were them *******?

I think you have your priorities straight. ******* are great.

RaspberryBerret 0

you call Dunkin Donuts Double D? since when do people do that? or am I just behind the times >>

kidz theses days... always coming up with hip expressions. back in my day you said groovy. especially while watchin annie on my old 5 incher

pwnrzero 0

What did you expect just say; "nice coffee" show her you have the same one she will smile you move on to a different conversation not to difficult, is it

wootness 0

It would be best to just say "Is that Dunkin Donuts you have there?" it's the best way to avoid confusion rofl