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It's hard to see the brighter side of things when your mom reacts as she did, OP. Just try to keep in mind what you did accomplish and know you can't please everyone, including your mom.

Aw OP, some family can't appreciate the things we do. I'm sure you did great and everyone else enjoyed it. Congrats!

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How is that being a mother? Being a (good) mother is being supportive of whatever you do, even if it's not the best. In this case, it was seemingly pretty darn good.


This is what I don't get, people always saying if someone doesn't like something, usually having the minority opinion, it's automatically jealousy. Maybe they just genuinely don't like it?! Is it so catastrophic to have a negative opinion that it has to be envy? No! In some cases maybe, but not all!


The term Brony is kinda like the term bro. A woman can be your bro, you can have a bromance with a woman. In less cultural terms, it's like the difference between post carrier and post woman


Shut the fuck up #10. First off, you shouldn't call someone a brony just by looking at their profile picture. Second of all, she's female.

You know you did a great job OP! The crowd loved it. Have confidence in that. I can't imagine directing something like this. Congrats!

Some parents will just never appreciate anything their child does--especially if it's something they don't understand/approve of, such as the arts. There's really nothing you can do about it.

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