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Today, I had to use a sick day from the school I teach at. While I was off, another teacher called me mid delirium, because my students were borderline rioting over the work I left for them. I'd asked them to read a book and edit the one-page essay they've had two weeks to work on. FML
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Your students suck. You may need to get the principal or their parents involved.

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Sadly, students are just getting lazier and lazier each year.


Your students suck. You may need to get the principal or their parents involved.

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Sadly, students are just getting lazier and lazier each year.

You realize that's bullshit, right? Students aren't getting lazier. The school systems are just shittier. Have you seen the common core crap? I'm not saying that OP's class wasn't over reacting, however I am saying that you shouldn't generalize an insult to an entire generation when the generation before is the one that ****** it up. -End Rant-

I partially agree with #10. I personally thing common core is easy. However, the ridiculousness of the tests (both in quality and quantity) that schools are being forced to take every year is absolute bullshit. Every year the United States basically says to itself "Well, we failed to bring our countries education standard up. We should add in more tests to fix that."

Exactly what 13 and 10 said. In addition to that though, I've noticed a steady decline in teacher quality starting in the late 1990s.

schools are getting shittier and shittier*

I agree and I'm a senior in high school. Some of the kids in my class complain about writing one paragraph, when we have like a half-hour to write it. It makes those of us who want to learn and are trying look bad.

I have been teaching high school for over 15 years. My students today are exactly the same amount of lazy as my students when I started teaching. Common Core has had zero impact on that. Also, FYI, the aim of Common Core is to reduce the amount of standardized tests. I'm not a fan of Common Core, mainly because the standards (at least for English and history) are too broad and they almost completely eliminate creative writing and fiction from the curriculum.

Some students don't even do their work, they just sit there on their phones.

You have them 2 weeks to EDIT an essay and read a book? Wtf are they complaining about? That's plenty of time.

Well they've been working on the essay for two weeks. He wants them to edit it and read a book in a day

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Kids nowadays take things for granted and think that what they say goes, just let them all fail if they are not willing to put in the effort

In American school systems if the teacher fails too many students he/she will be fired for not being a "good enough" teacher.

@#25: Being a kid stops him/her from being able to recognize flaws? Your response was quite narrow minded. A member of a group can still recognize group flaws in most circumstances.

Calling my response to a narrow minded comment narrow minded is funny.

30—incorrect. I've failed entire classes before. Administrators may not like it, but that is hardly something a teacher can be fired over. That being said, many districts/schools are trying to push through "merit" pay. That would mean if my students do poorly on standardized tests, I would make less money than someone whose students did well on them. The danger with merit pay is that it gives teachers/administrators/schools an incentive to cheat—especially at urban schools with high poverty and truancy rates (which are mainly the schools in which I have taught).

I didn't know you could be given up to two weeks for a one page essay, I am supposed to have my two page assignments done the next day.

In my AP English Lit class we would have only the class period to write a 2 page literary analysis. These kids should feel lucky.

Rioting with a substitute? We would have been hauled into the principal's office immediately.

I was in a French class in grade 9 where the students literally did anything they wanted and never listened to the teacher. Kids stood on chairs, threw paper airplanes, etc. The teacher just walked out of class sometimes when she couldn't handle it. It was seriously bad. She should've brought the principle in or something. She couldn't handle any of the kids and she ended up leaving the school I believe, or took some sort of break. The kids were proud of what they'd done too. As awful as it was, I do blame the teacher a bit, because she let them walk all over her and didn't hand out punishments. Those same kids would've never acted the same way in their other classes. Sounds to me like this teacher is letting them walk all over her and should be handing out punishments/detention, or if needed bring the principle in. The kids are obviously taking advantage and wouldn't react like this with op there.

In 9th grade I had a sub in my German class. He just sat there and read a book all period while all of my classmates sat around confused and bored. We were afraid to act out just in case our teacher found out. Just to add some humor to this post, the name of the sub for my German class was Mr.English.

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They probably expected to get a free period because you weren't there.

Sounds like the students wanted a day off from their lessons due to your not being there. The substitute teacher should have called the principal instead of you, OP.

I assume OP teaches second or third grade, otherwise IDK.

I'm interpreting the FML to mean they had that write that essay beforehand and, if I remember correctly, students are never assigned essays in 2nd or 3rd grade.

Sounds like middle to early high school to me. They react the same way to having to actually do school work.

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hmm. two weeks to edit an essay, and read a book. not sure *what* book it was. these students should not have rioted over that... they should have simply not done it, if they hated it *that* much.