By ToxynneFlute - 5/9/2021 16:01 - United States - Battle Creek

Bat out of Hell

Today, my kid threw a fit on our way home, wanting me to stop and call grandma. Why? Because she was convinced I was going to wreck the car, and grandma is a good driver who won't crash. When we got home, she stopped fussing, said, "Thank god, we're home," ran up to grandpa and said, "Mom's a scary driver." She's 3. FML
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  Plop  |  14

What OP isn't telling is that she was driving at 100mph on a small mountain road with no railing, while looking towards the back of the car to try and keep the child quiet. And holding the wheel with her feet.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You should have texted your mom while you were driving asking her advice about safe driving. And then showed your daughter her answers.

Surely, she'll understand you are a safe driver and excellent texter.