By Anonymous - / Saturday 23 March 2013 01:19 / France - Thionville
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  Wimoweh  |  10

Yeah, and everyone knows that you can domesticate the majority of carnivorous dinosaurs with some time and a few thousands pounds of mastodon meat. It's ridiculous to think that OP only rode mammoths. It's not entirely out the question that OP wanted speed and rode a velociraptor. Duh.

  wlddog  |  14

What did your ex say when they discovered massive bones and skulls? And we have more then 2000 years of history written down. How does he explain that?

  mrningbrd  |  19

Good lord. The world is billions of years old, and it's ignorant of you to say dinosaurs never existed. Every day we find new things about dinosaurs that help us discover more about our planet.


I was six when I first met my step mom, I asked her what it was like riding in wagons before cars were made. She was 38 at the time. I wasn't a dumb child either, I just thought that 38 was really, really old.