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By Menareidiots - 24/02/2009 23:32 - United States

Today, my guy friend and I were in his dorm room watching a movie when he started kissing me. Things heated up so we moved things over to his bed. He was on me when a hand shoots down from his top bunk. His roommate had been up there the whole time and he wanted a high-five. So they high-fived. FML
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"So they high-fived." HAHA. Wow, guys are so clueless.

he's my hero


Melody_fml 0

huh thats stupid. i'm sorry and goodluck with that one..

Stupid? HE'S AWESOME :)

"So they high-fived." HAHA. Wow, guys are so clueless.

hippo1234 19

no, it's part of the bro-code. never leave a bro hanging.

collegeboy89 0

That is hilarious

he's my hero

Dr_Phil 0

Like Easy-E says, college girls are easy.

omg i love it, that is EPIC #1

Herbs_Special 0

Bet they were laughing like hell later.

i'm sure that didn't slow things down. you probably just thought to yourself, "well, I guess i have something to put on FML now."

Nothing lame about it. Just sheer awesomeness.

blacklagoon_fml 0

Guys are gross.