By meetrasan - 18/03/2013 00:01

Today, four days after our fridge-freezer broke down, my husband staggered home with three bags of ham. He drunkenly bought it with most of what little money we have, so now not only is our food budget gone, we also have a metric cunt-load of ham, and nowhere to store it. FML
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meetrasan tells us more.

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I'm OP. My husband couldn't hold his liquor over a few beers if his cock and balls depended on it. It's been a topic of arguments for a while already and this is the final straw. But it's kind of a funny situation if you think about it, that's why I posted it. To any stupid people that are going to ask how can he afford to go out drinking, read my other comment. And I KNOW someone's going to ask how could I afford a computer or a phone to post this, and my answer is: I don't buy a new computer or phone every day, shit head. I could sell my computer, but you try going without easy internet access in this day and age. We'll survive.

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He should have bought bacon.

boborules 7

That's a damn sHAMe.


He should have bought bacon.

He obviously was extremely hammered to not have bought bacon

@49 I told you homeboy u can't touch this!

Allister, He's ready for you. If you didn't get the reference, then go ahead, thumb me down. I'm begging you.

boborules 7

That's a damn sHAMe.

That was not very punny!

euphoricness 28

That wasn't very punny No but seriously, there was no pun in that

Are you stupid?

Shadowvoid 33

I thought it was a ham shame...

#2 trying way too hard

Have you seen your picture? But yeah, of course he's the try hard, totally not you. .-.

That sucks OP. Usually I would make a comment pertaining to starving kids in Africa but no one should have to eat so much ham, NO ONE

JimSweatshirt 6

Except starving people maybe...?

Yeah they might enjoy it

3: In any given part of Africa, there's like 50% chance the local people are Muslim. Ham isn't halal, so Muslims wouldn't eat it. The More You Know!

if you're hungry enough you just say fuck religion, eat the shit out of that ham and deal with the man above later.

404wan 19

Thats... Really not how it works in islam.

You're broke and he can still go out to drink?

meetrasan 1

That's why I said "FOOD budget" dear. Our disposable income's small but it's enough for a lightweight to get wasted on. And trust me: he's a lightweight.

The glorious OP has spoken!

First time i've seen an OP comment on their FML

48, go to menu, then 'the follow-up'

While I get budgets and disposable income, if a major appliance needs to be replaced and my husband did dumb things with money while drunk, I'd pretend like there was no disposable income until things got fixed. When I first got married, my husband would have been good for what yours did even sober. So we made an agreement to lock down all unnecessary spending if something major came up, even if that something major had to go on credit. It kept us from the money spiral that situations like yours caused. Took us a few times to learn to do that though.

Clearly you CAN'T afford for him to get wasted, because he makes stupid money decisions when he does. :/

Totally agree with 118. Budgets are flexible, they change depending on your needs, and at the moment your need is 'money for fridge freezer' not 'money for booze for idiot husband'. Very surprised how many people have thumbed up 20. Even if your husband hasn't done this kind of thing before, you kinda deserve it for being irresponsible and 'budgeting' money for luxuries when you currently don't have enough food or anywhere to store it.

Erm, she said the money WAS for food.. Is food a luxury now??

Precisely one metric cunt load.

Snackycake 20

I hope someday that will be a real unit of measurement.

TheRandomIndian 17

I forgot, is that more than one metric shit load?

No no, it is more than a metric shit load but less than a metric fuck load.

It's at least more than one metric crapload.

A metric cuntload is 0.1 of a metric fuckton(ne), right?

What about a shit-ton, though?

Slightly under one metric fuck-ton.

But more than a metric shit ton

salt it, that's what people did before refrigeration

eastsidesoldier 7


Perhaps that's why they're broke...

Hmmm, that was intended to be in reply to number 4.

I do not like Green Eggs with Ham, I do not like them, Sam I Am

I do not like them with a fox!

I do not like them in a box!

I do not like them with a mouse!

Kallian_fml 21

I do not like them in a house.

kc1997kc 9

I do not like them here nor there.

djinnsnme 19

I do not like them anywhere.

Would you? Could you? in a car?

You do not like them. SO you say. Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may I say.

Best thread ever...

I always found it strange that my mom had me read that book when I was learning to read, when we're Muslim... I digress; This thread is winrar on an epic scale, like the kind that would range from a mouse to a whale.

Fact:Dr. Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a bet that he could write an entire book using less the 50 different words. He won.

I do not like them on a bridge. I do not like them in a broken fridge.

I do not like them in a drunken brawl, I do not like them passed out in the hall.

He just wants one huge sandwich...

"the fridge broke so i ate everything"

Haha! Hooray for Friends.