By armtits and big pits - 05/04/2014 07:14 - United States - Cape Coral

Today, I went to my crush's house. We were watching a movie when suddenly he started kissing me. As it deepened he began to feel around. He was groping my armpit the whole time but I was too embarrassed that my underarm could pass for my boobs to redirect him. FML
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Maybe he has a thing for armpits instead of boobs??


Ouch, he may not be the brightest of people possibly?

#26 some people just dont enjoy having their armpit fondled, OP for example. If its not enjoyable by both parties involved, then they need to change it up.

Do you think he smelled his hand afterwards and thought to himself, "wtf?" I bet he did.

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at least it didn't tickle. it'd be much worse if you were trying not to squirm about, while holding back laughter. he would've thought you're a crazy person.

@55 as usual your comment made my day

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What does working out have to do with the size of her boobs?

onealmxwilson 18

Wait I think I see what you're thinking. I was thinking that she was embarrassed to tell him because she had small boobs, not because she had a lot of fat. Either could be the case I guess, but I assumed the first option.

I assumed the same as you but then I read the title and it makes more sense!

babygurll19 10

Boobs are made of fat and the thin strands of the glands that produce milk. The first thing to go when a woman exercises is her boobs.

Maybe he has a thing for armpits instead of boobs??

Okay either he is really stupid or he has an armpit fetish.

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Or they are young. I mean, who the hell mistakes an armpit for a boob?!

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Its pretty easy if they have flabby underarms so long as it was fondling over the shirt it would feel the same, if he was feeling under the shirt then it is slightly worrying that he didn't notice the lack of nipple. Or if OP is wearing the wrong size bra she could have rolls of fat on the side under her arms in which case getting fitted for a new bra would solve the problem.

You could have rearranged yourself so you were sitting right in front of him and he would see that he feeling up the wrong part.

cryssycakesx3 22

or maybe it just felt similar. I'm guessing it was below the actually crotch of her arm. soft skin is soft skin...

cryssycakesx3 22

wrong comment reply. apologies.

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Maybe he just really likes armpits? At least you know he likes you

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Someone needs to start walking around the block a few times every day.

How exactly does walking work out the armpit?

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