By Eeeek - 26/08/2010 21:17 - Bulgaria

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex in a rarely used room at school. We got carried away and found ourselves locked in. We slept there overnight. We woke up when the cleaning lady found us the next morning and were greeted by worried parents and school staff. FML
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mintcar 9

YDI for not waiting until you got home. Sheesh.


wow... that's wrong on so many levels.

Viatus 0

One head says ydi, but the other one says I would have done the same thing.

mebecatie 0

awkward. >___> and that's y u don't do it at school. not classy. and of course THAT can happen.

lalala31_fml 0

hahahahahahaha. epitome of ydi

umm mayb u shuddnt hav sex in a skool then O_o

xlilmickiix 0

I highly doubt that it's fake. plenty of people have sex at my school. there are too many abandoned halls and corridors. :)

puffydude1 0

Sounds like a win all around. You got laid. Janitors got a show. Worried parents got you back.

oboewhore_xD 6

Is your boyfriend a a teacher? xD

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horny kids...seriously though, in school?

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thats what you get you stupid *****.

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i just ate burger King!!!!!!! TENDERCRISP WITH A HERSHEYS PIE!!! BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!! ha stupid mickeyD'S

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104 take a sexist joke damn you stupid emo chick just stfu I hate you people they scare me fUse there so damn creepy haha

why can't we be friends why can't we be friends?

dale and of it was real you still desserve it!!!

spanelli 16

108- You look like a Bieber. I wouldn't even be taliking about creepy. Op- At least you got some. ;)

OP is like school in summertime: no class

RainbowxxVeinsx 17

130- A lot of people are back in school now. I've been back in school for about 2 weeks now.

How is this not a massive YDI? OP and her boyfriend are gross. If only they got stuck in there another day or two, give 'em a real scare.

purple_gurl 1

ydi for having sex before marriage. if anything not in a classroom.! idiot.

104 - stfu you are a dumb emo freak who can't spell for shit so just go back in the kitchen and make someone a sammich. bitch and yes I do realize I spelled sandwich as sammich so don't say I can't spell... freak.

cruxx 0

146 - good luck getting a wife let alone a girlgriend with that attitude

supernice 0

104 I think your cool. and by the way "emo" is not something bad and you can't tell if someone is emo by Joe they dress and lastly it has nothing to do with who they are. the old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover"

damm you crazyy ass qirl why couldnt u just have qave em a bj and b done with it ! lmfao you crazyyy ! next time wait till after skew !

I'm sorry I don't know what the hell a, as you put it, "girlgriend" is. so hop off my dick **** face.

^^ that was to the d bag with the profile picture of a beagle. the dog probably looks better than him anyway. screw you 149.

djapchjs nhospa whoops!! looks like I do have typos like you say I do. what I meant to say was screw you bitch. your mom sure puts up with it though.

lotuspod 0

lol I love ignorance like yours, and who's to say he was joking?

lotuspod 0

lol 202 I hope he doesn't fix it just so someone can teach him a lesson

sorry you lost me at when your mother spanks me... that was a good memory. and I bet that you are double checking every word in your comments just so I don't correct any of your obviously dumb mistakes.

hahahahaha 203 that'll teach me a lesson let me tell you. stay the hell out of this cum dumpster.

ok I understand you are so right. I'm so sorry for any people I have hurt. for real though sorry. can we just start over... on the right foot? please? hahahahaha I bet you thought I just changed my attitude right there. hahaha you are so gullible.

having sex in school would be the ultimate win

hahaha you are right it is an act. I'm really not like this. I'm am truly sorry for all of the things I have said, especially the ones about your mom. I didn't mean a thing by them at all. you probably think I'm being obnoxious right now, but I'm not. I am a really nice guy. I just wanted to try to have an fml fight because I have seen them before and figured I'll try it, and I have to say, it can get brutal! I hope we can be fml buddys!! ^^^ look I even made an obvious spelling/grammatical mistake to say I'm sorry. so what do you say, buds? (if I could put my hand through this iPod to shake your hand I would)

jay4who7 0

funkymonk is just mad at himself because he can't defend himself, due to in real life (not the Internet) he is a short,fat,highschool dropout with a small dick.aka....not a real man!

lol do neither of you own a mobile phone!? lol idiots!

hahah no worries man. the words rhyme. it's a common mistake people make lol

wow 222 you know I really look like a short fat high school drop out in my picture hmmm. actually I am 6 foot 2 inches and 165 lbs which neither qualifies me as a short fat guy. and actually I am ranked 18th in my class and I am going to be a junior in high school. you probably described yourself because u don't see a picture if you. no worries though.

223 are you talkin about the song funky monks by red hot chili peppers because if you are then you are right. great song.

ok well then do you at least believe I am a pretty nice guy. I am though and feel bad.

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wtfwtjd 0

I love how all the bitches who are yellin at you for womens rights and shit are ugly as ****

Thebloodygore 0

235, Coming from the person with no picture? Smooth move, idiot. But, thank you for calling me ugly over the Internet. I'm so hurt.

ok? well if you have been paying attention you would know that my whole hissy fit was just an act and now I'm just trying to make amends with Bianca and tell her I'm sorry. so you can stay out of this conversation because you obviously don't know what is going on here. and jessi, at what point did you leave this conversation? you were never in it so you can stay out of it too.

I'm spectating sir, no need to be hostile

I'm not hostile mam, I am actually quite mellow if I may add.

Thebloodygore 0

237, If you're going to bugger people about the way they can't spell words, the least you can do it capitalise and use proper punctuation marks.

omg this is so exciting it's like watching cops only better :D

WOW!!! you are so lost in this aren't you. well if you can count, and that is a big IF, because you obviously can't follow a story line, you would know the last time I nagged someone about grammar was 9 or 10 of my posts ago. so hop off. and no I am not mad right now. but I am getting irked.

Thebloodygore 0

I never once insinuated that you were doing so now. I said in general. :] You should type correctly before nagging anyone about their typing. You're getting worked up over the Internet, whilst someone else finds this amusing.

daayymm 2 on 1 the odds are against him now.

Thebloodygore 0

Jessi, don't make me yell at you! Lol.

sorry sorry lol just trying to lighten the mood

Viatus 0

I like funkymonk... can I be part of this conversation yet? I'm feeling lonely.

Bianca is hot hahaha and I support her!

well someone utilized the dictionary on their last post! well first mea culpa. I know about my capitalization mistakes but idk about punctuation. I'm on an iPod and the little button is a hassle. secondly I am getting agitated that you are so late and commenting on posts from like an hour and a half ago. Bianca you made your point so go change your pic again. I don't have anything else to say to you. btw to save you time mea culpa means my fault in Latin.

The monkey is reduced to trying to insult your intelligence since it knows it has lost all respect and the argument. Quote of the day: "There are a lot of things in life that are better than alcohol. Alcohol just makes up for not having those things." — Terry Pratchett.

Thebloodygore 0

254, it's not an excuse. If I could do it, so can you. I know Latin. iicaptain, I hate you.

133 - it was a joke that you didn't get...

I never made it an excuse. I just said it was a hassle. and I'll bet the only Latin you know is semper fi which is short for semper fidelis which means always faithful and you probably know other Latin phrases that are just as simple. tell me what is tu tui tibi te te?

Bianca I never said it did. I was trying to have a conversation, I asked you a question and you didn't respond for a half hour, and by then you were long out of the discussion.

261, you're seriously trying to get into a Latin contest? This is more pathetic than I thought...

I could insult your intelligence too if I started typing in Italian eh?

Thebloodygore 0

261, that's pretty sad. But, you, to you. Yes, I know what they mean.

Thebloodygore 0

Jessi, I know some Italian! O.o Even though it's croooked

well you are quite wrong there because Italian is modern day Latin so..... and it doesn't matter. I don't care how you can insult me. she's probably looking up the Latin answers right now just do she doesn't look like a fool.

Oh, Thebloodygore is here. Hello there. Your name is mind-blowingly appropriate.

you have just qualified for the totaly awesome person club(T.A.P)

Thebloodygore 0

273, You're just that desperate to seem intelligent, aren't you? If I started talking Spanish, French, or Romanian you wouldn't seem it. Belt up.

funk, it was a joke lol I'm aware I AM italian haha

Thebloodygore 0

274, hello! What do you mean? hah.

I just love how like 4 girls probably all older than me are all ganging up on a 15 year old kid. it's pretty sad that you have to try to make me look like an imbecile.

Prodigy7 4

Yeah. Stop bullying him. He's over his period now.

again I am 15!!!! I just finished Spanish II. so yea you probably are more fluent than me. but just to be clear I don't plan on moving to Romania or Italy. so I don't need them. ve dupia suka. polish btw.

279— Why, they shouldn't have to try to make you look like an imbecile? You want to look like one without their help? 278— I don't know, it just fits perfectly. I read your profile (which seemed pretty vicious, by the way) and it fit to the point of near perfection.

Prodigy7 4

I kid. You're a pathetic ****.

UnderageDrinker1 0

Why are chicks greedy and stupid?

BlackAlcH3Mist 3
klumzy0123456789 6

I hope ur clothes were on when they found u!

of course nobody had a cellphone right....

Shut the f up bro this fml argumrnt BS pisses me off all I see are people making remarks and starting arguments trying to seem intelligent now funkymonk your trully an immature **** not only because you insist on harrasing others but also because you habe the time to refresh the page and hassal other users till they make a comment and respond to you feeding you the attention you so dearly seek now can everyone shutup and enjou the FML and btw i know i made spelling errors i dont really care its the internet not work or school that is all.

izzy21_fml 0

having sex at school doesn't make you unclassy unless it's not with a serious bf but maybe they just wanted to spice things up you do gotta make things interesting or else it will just get boring

InuYasha17 0

I thank the above posters for this entertaining argument. PS, Bianca was right the whole time. ;D

actually bloody is pritty cute. And I'm only 15, I don't wanna be like a creeper or whatever. I'm just sayin

kidwiththehair12 0

xxemo is either a troll or hasn't realized women have rights now

QwertyMcNugget 0

Ohemgee, is that Davedays? XD

hcg8 0

Tu ciar ști romînește? Parles-tu français? If you say that you know other languages you should know them. I'm not saying that you don't, but I'm just saying you need to be able to back your shit up.

hence why children should NOT have sex. wait until you graduate, horndogs! Sex in high school is never a good idea.

that_guy_ollie 0

dude you look like bieber so stfu >.> and emo chicks FTW and man i kinda feel sorry for u feeling scared of someone just because of the way they dress or music they listen to:/. oh and dude put a shirt on u dont have much to show :/

that_guy_ollie 0
timistheman 2

there's so much fail and YDI in this post, I don't even understand... who mods this crap?!

104- can't you even take a joke? women have every rights a man has. they can even have a penis if they want one. the only thing they can't have, is not having boobs. unless you want to cut them off or something.

108- Maybe YOU scare her- you look like you need to eat something. Are you 80 pounds? Scrawny little boys with stupid hats, like yourself, need to put their shirts on. Run along and go to bed little boy.

lol 133 he made a joke about the op about not having class for having sex in school Dee Dee Dee

haha risky but I guess that's the fun of it ;). YDI though for somehow locking yourself in a room while having sex at school.

ydi for having sex while in highschool it's funny how people keep getting stupider and stupider by the generation

plenty of people have sex before marriage deal with it

hahaha. that ******* rocks. way to go kinky. it's like a scene cut right out of a bad Porno.

mintcar 9

YDI for not waiting until you got home. Sheesh.

Monsterballz 0

I would have done it too...your life sucks

Y_U_19029 0

in there pants it's god damn whack a moles