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Today, I had sex with this guy who I like very much. As he went to leave I decided to give him one last thrill. So I reached down his pants and started to rub and stroke him. He abruptly pulled my hand out, when I asked why, he points behind me, my mom watched the whole thing. FML
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Stop ******* in your mom's house.

Correction we are animals : Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Subclass: Theria Infraclass: Eutheria Order: Primates Suborder: Anthropoidea Superfamily: Hominoidea Family: Hominidae Genus: **** Species: sapiens


Well, maybe not. See, if her mother watched for that long, this may lead to some freaky shit in the future...

Well if OP wasn't such a **** this wouldn't have happened

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Are you stupid #58? How does a flirtatious sexual act make you a **** right after you had sex? It's not like she had a whole frat house run a train on her or something.

Yes, but she was if she was doing it while her mom was home.

Yeah, her mom could have given him one for the road also. Lots of dudes wear loose-fitting pants; I'm sure she'd have fit in.

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"It's okay mom I'm just reaching in his pocket for my car keys"

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Guys are just as slutty as the girls are.

why was your mother there in the first place?

#162. i think more so. but because it's more accepted

Yeah, why would you do this when your mom is home?

lol what's it with people trolling this site to call girls who have sex *****?

I agree. yet its perfectly okay for a guy to sleep with 4 girls a night and get no flak for it? guys are just as skanky, if not skankier, than girls.

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Thumbs up for nice use of 'Run a train,' #104.

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#199 i agree... and im a guy lol...

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haha, well that would ****** suck .

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Wow to all those people calling this girl a ****, define ****. She had sex with one guy in this fml and you all claim she's a ****. If she fcked like 3 guys in one night I woul agree but having sex doesn't make you a **** or you might as well be calling 80% of your mothers *****. the other 20% is for the liars who want to claim their parents were virgins until they got married.

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to all of you trolling on the troll, he's saying she's a **** for going back for a second helping, not cause she had sex with him. not saying I agree, just pointing out that you guys are trolling just as much ;)

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Stop ******* in your mom's house.

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you act like everyone has their own house, dumbass. i **** my girlfriend in my house and my mom happens to live here, you think we have anywhere else to go?

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If it is "your house", then you aren't ******* at your mom's. So stfu it doesn't apply to you. Dumbass! Unless you're a liar...

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u r so disrespectful yah u can go **** outside like dogs

token_blackguy 18

#4 is right... if you are going to have sex, you need to go to a place where no one is at.... a hotel, his place, if you have your own place, not in your moms house. YDI

No, you're the dumbass, dumbass. Where does this FML say that she's in her mom's house? Maybe it's the same situation.

#4, have you ever considered the fact that maybe it was her own place? And her mother happened to pay a visit? Like most parent does.

brooklyngirl_fml 0

No, I've never considered what "most parents does". Bottom line, don't **** in your parent's home. Especially not while they're there. It's bad enough the daughter's a ****, but now mom has to witness it too?

I agree with #4. If it is someone else's home it's really disrespectful to have sex in it like that. If it wasn't her mom's place, but her mom was there to visit she shouldn't have sex with someone if her mom is there. We aren't animals, we can wait. Also, usually sex should be reserved for someone you love, not just like. In response to people being rude to #4 and saying there is no where else to go, there are plenty of places to go, like a hotel or even your car for crying out loud. If you don't want to do that then don't have sex because it's really disrespectful to do it in someone else's home.

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yes, i agreee... that is completely possible, and not at all unexpected.... its very plausible for a parent to do that... either way, getting caught sucks. FYL

Correction we are animals : Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Subclass: Theria Infraclass: Eutheria Order: Primates Suborder: Anthropoidea Superfamily: Hominoidea Family: Hominidae Genus: **** Species: sapiens

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Wow #63, you must be a really saintly person. Do you not remember what it's like to not have a place of your own? Living at your parent's house (in highschool, during the early part of university, etc.) is necessary, and to suggest that people not engage in sex at their house during those years is absurd. A hotel on a student's salary? Yeah right. In your car? That sounds like another FML in the works. Save your self-righteousness for bossing around your own kids in your own home. OP, I remember what it was like to live with my parents when I was 19/20, trying to quietly have sex with my boyfriend while my parents were asleep at night, and the odd time when they would almost "catch" us. SO EMBARASSING!!

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And by well put, I mean to #73 and #92

Right. Because teenagers can afford hotels. I don't see what's so wrong with someone having sex in the house they live in that they happen to share with parents.

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haha, apparently, "we" dont have self control

63-because doing it in a car sounds much better. and what if its a first time, you wouldn't wanna have sex in a car your first time.

Um...FYI I'm 21, so I think I would remember those days. Oh wait, I don't because I waited until I was 20 to have sex with the guy I was already with for 6 years and I didn't do it at home and I still don't do it at home. Colleges generally have dorms or on campus apartments that are free game. Over the summer you can figure something out and if you can't hold off for a little bit to figure out where to go then you are kind of getting too obsessed with sex. It can wait a week or two... Also, I don't believe I was bossing anyone around, but I guarantee if someone asked their parents if they could have sex in their house they would say no. I am not suggesting to not have sex in their homes, just not in their parents homes! Last time I checked a teenager and early college person does not own their parents home and therefore have no right to do whatever they want in there.

I wouldn't want to have sex in my parents house for my first time either since this kind of stuff can happen.

valuemeal2 1

Nobody cares, you pretentious prick. And to the OP: don't have sex (or "one last thrill") when you know you're not alone; that's asking for trouble.

Nah, 63 isn't saintly (judging people isn't saintly lol). He's just not getting laid and is mad about it.

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man.. sex must suck for you and with you.

I'm 20, I have sex in my parents house, and my parents don't care.

#112 You say no parents would agree? Then tell me why my mom bought me condoms (I had already bought my own, but she wanted to be sure) when I had my first girlfriend (which is still my girlfriend btw :)). I've never hidden it, just tried to be respectful by not making noise in order not to annoy her, especially when she must work the day after. Anyway, my mom knows we have sex, and she is alright and even happy with it. Same goes for my father. My girlfriend is sleeping with me tomorrow and my mom has no problem with that either, she just asked that we didn't make too much noise because she must sleep. I live in Europe (Belgium precisely), so our traditions are a bit different, but I really don't see why people should hide. In order to be "respectful", just don't annoy other people with it by doing it in your own room (and lock it if it's possible, although my mom would never enter my room while I'm with my girlfriend, even if she had to knock before).

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yall are stupid. comment on the ******* post not some other bitches comment.... i guess i just contradicted myself in posting this..... **** all

Kids have been ******* in their parents house since humans have lived in caves and yet ever single time a similar FML is posted, some dipshit has the same stupid comment - "Don't **** in your parents house." Just shut the **** up people. Only sleazy prostitutes or middle aged couples trying to relive their glory days go to hotels to have sex - not 17 year olds with no money. Also, to anyone whose going to reply "Well then don't have sex," get out of the South because it's rotting your brain. Abstinence only education doesn't even work for well-off Governors.

I find it annoying how I'm getting attacked for having a opinion that differs from most of you. I'm not a guy first of all. Second of all it doesn't matter if I am or am not having sex. I'm not being pretentious, I'm just saying that she shouldn't have done it with her mom around or in her mom's house!! Calm the **** down people. I didn't call her a ****, I didn't do any of that, just show some respect to your parent.

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Well obviously you're being attacked because your opinion is fucken idiotic. There is nothing wrong with having sex at a home even if their parents still live there. It's a goddamn fucken recession and you're suggesting to rent a hotel? Good luck with that, most can only afford sex for a week before they go broke. Goddamn you're stupid.

um, 112... you waited 6 YEARS before having sex with a guy that you've been dating since you were 14? I'm sorry but no normal hormone crazy teenage guy would ACTUALLY happily wait six years for one girl... I'm sorry, but either he was cheating on you, or he's just as overly pretentious as you... in which case then you two are perfect for each other... There's nothing wrong with sex, everyone is all freaked out that it is such a 'no-no' topic, and that abstinence is the only good thing, but the truth is, every healthy relationship needs some physical intimacy... what's wrong with being close to your partner? i mean its not like the OP was ransacking her mom's house... she was just having relations, and with a guy that she obviously likes...

hotels are for newbs... if i would have paid for a hotel room every time i had sex in highschool i would have had to sell my car and get another job.

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even though I don't agree with #112, I know a bunch of guys who think abstinence is important. I know they're in the minority, but it isn't unheard of.

Okay people, it's not that hard to get out of the house even if you're a teenager. Out of all of the times I had sex with one of my exes, none of them happened in the house. It's called going for a "picnic" in the woods.

well maybe shes under age or just turned 18 which means she would still be living w. her parents and would consider it her home also and i doubt she knew her mom was home or i would assume she would have been a hell of alot careful to not get caught...

So are like me and my girl the only ones who do it for the thrill of being caught? Also, when you say your mom watched the whole thing......

He wasn't cheating on me and we both decided to wait until we were ready!! 14 year olds are not ready for that kind of thing. It's not pretentious or wrong to wait until you are prepared, you are being very judgmental in saying that he was cheating on me or that it's dumb to wait. Again, I am not telling her she's a **** or anything, I just think it is easy to get out of the house and go somewhere, even without money because believe me I don't have any. You all need to chill the **** out for real. At this point in our lives we understand the consequences, take precautions to avoid those consequences, and have discussed what we would do if I were to get pregnant, I don't know many 14 year olds who do that. We are mature enough and responsible enough to handle the consequences. So, for the record, I'm not judging this person, I'm not telling her she's a ****, all I'm saying is that you shouldn't do it in your parents house, especially when they are home. Also, I am saying there is nothing wrong with waiting to have sex. That is all. Also, I'm not calling anyone else an idiot for their opinions so it would be great if you all would grow the **** up and stop calling me names like a kindergartner would do.

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You are just as disrespectful as him, don't be such a hypocrite.

i'm not saying you should have had sex when you guys were 14, I'm sure EVERYONE agrees that that's way too young... but you were with this guy for SIX years... are you telling me that not ONCE you wanted to be 'close' to him during those years that you waited? i mean obviously wait until you're ready (like maybe 17 or 18) but if you both want to have relations, then you shouldn't have to FIGHT it... you both obviously loved each other to be able to wait that long... so six years seems a little ridiculous to wait for something that you know you're gonna do anyways... again, there's nothing wrong with sex, its a natural part of life... and as long as you are ready to do it, and you practice it safely (condoms, the pill ect.) then there should be nothing stopping you except yourself. Not your parents, not's all your choice... and waiting does nothing except waste time that you could have shared with your partner...

natabeast 6

Um. What? Get out of the South? You act like none of us down here have premarital sex. I believe the teenage pregnancy rate speaks for itself, since our school board has pretty much stomped all over the idea of sex education.

oarisimo 4

#4 you must be pmsing, huh? why so angry? chill the **** out

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I think you are completely right, anyone who is back talking u needs to be kicked in the face (:

chrissypanda 0

#171 you are incredibly wrong. I happen to be a teenage boy and I would happily wait six years to have sex with one girl. not all guys care about sex that much.

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Funnybunny_fml 3

idiot. well that sucks for u but i have very little sympathy cause your a moron

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Says the guy who can't figure out the correct form of YOU'RE... Dumbass

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geez why does everyone care so much about writing your and you're correctly on a such a meaningless site. it doesn't make anyone a "dumbass"

Because it's really annoying when people don't know the difference between your (which shows posession) and you're which is an abreviation for you are. You wouldn't say 'I am going to ride you are bike', and you shouldn't 'say your a moron' either.

People used to knock before they walked into rooms... He should have eyed up mom and seen if she wanted to try.

Maybe since the boyfriend was leaving the door was already open, or they were in a more public part of the house. It doesn't say that the mother barged into the OP's bedroom. Besides, if the OP is a teen then most likely it is her mother's house that the OP has a bedroom in. Although, I'm not saying 'don't have sex if it's not your house'....just be more discreet about it, use good judgement, or don't do it when others are home.

Hopefully you have an understanding mom and she doesn't make a huge deal out of it.

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... Why are you doing it at your mom's house? If you're a teenager, be like the rest and find a secluded place. Or rather: don't do it at all. Although I do agree with #7, she should've knocked.

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Don't do it at all? I love how people always say that shit when a teenager posts something like this. Just try and remember back when you were a teenager, you immature ****. Not everyone is like you and couldn't get any in high school, so stop acting so high and mighty.

Took the words right outta my mouth, #12. I was about to say that.

Uh ... I can remember when I was a teenager, and I know my girlfriend and I did everything short of putting a collar with a bell around our parents' necks to make sure we knew when they were around. Hell, my girlfriend *did* talk her mom into getting a decorative wreath with a bell on it for the front door, and I managed to convince my folks that I wanted to impress my girlfriend by cooking, so they should call when they were on their way home so I could get everything prepped for everyone. That almost sank us the one time they decided to bring home takeout ... It's curious that you'd call others immature *****, when the assumption here is the OP is immature, and nearly *******, practically dry-humping, right in front of her mother.

Touching a dick is not dry-humping . . .

Hmm, maybe the kids in HS having sex are morons, they tend to get knocked up and regret their rash decisions. It's a really ridiculous argument to attack that person and say that they 'couldn't get any', maybe they waited until they were mature enough and adult enough to make that decision and waited until they were in love? Stop trying to rationalize stupid behavior to make yourself feel better.

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the only ones getting knocked up are the ones to stupid to wear a rubber. the mom should have knocked. its not that big of a deal for teenagers to have sex. our parents were teenagers at one time. its hard (and disturbing) to imagine, but they probably were having sex too. would have been worse for the guy though in my opinion in that situation. would have been even worse for him if it was her dad.

They only get knocked up if they have uber conservative parents who dont teach them about anything and when self righteous people like you say they have to be in love.... and by the way its better to do stuff at home because then if shit happens, you can get help. Also, its better to be informed than not be taught anything. I highly doubt you waited as long as you did with the same boyfriend, and p.s. this isnt the 1800s, get with the program. OH and as a teenager where the **** else would you go ?

that's what you get for being a horny bitch! haha