By just about pissed off - 11/08/2013 17:24 - Egypt - Cairo

Today, to help with my insomnia, I downloaded some relaxing rain MP3s and set them to loop. For the first time in ages, I fell asleep within minutes. Somewhere around 5, however, the sound of trickling water caused my bladder to empty itself all over my bed. FML
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I guess those weren't the wet dreams you were hoping for.


Wizardo 33

This one time yellow beats brown hands down. Would rather have a Wankman anyway.

mvc3ftw 17

But then he would have reeked of deadmau5

johnrdz3 24

She took the phrase "piss off" a little too seriously

K410 18

Lets be honest we all saw this coming once she said rain mp3 to help her sleep :p

Well... It's better to be pissed of than pissed on!

AnOriginalName 19

31, unfortunately it sounds like OP was both pissed off and pissed on. Schrodinger's piss, perhaps?

cottoncandymango 17

looks like the rain has flooded the streets.

I guess those weren't the wet dreams you were hoping for.

Wizardo 33

A trickle turns into a flood... or in this case a yellow stream into a puddle.

So if there was thunder, what would have happened?

F*** you thunder, you can suck my dick, you can't scare me cause you're just God's farts! *pffft*

zahra_786 19

Well on the bright found a good solution to help your insomnia! Just pee before sleeping next time :D

Next time, try sounds from the desert