By 919191 - New Zealand - Christchurch
Today, my two-year-old daughter's favourite word is 'No'. After leaving her with my sixteen-year-old brother, she now knows other N words as well. Niet, Nein, Non and Never. Her teenage uncle thinks it's hilarious. FML
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  tukies  |  28

To be perfectly honest that was where I thought this FML was going. After I finished reading it I just went well it could have been a lot worse.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

Noodle? Man, I learned that one far too early. Ever since I was two years old, I've been slowly falling prey to the Japanese culture. My second word was "kawaii" and it's just gone downhill from there...

By  afkwarrior  |  25

Being multi-lingual is an asset.
Let's face it, it could have been so much worse!