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By  lamdat5r  |  10

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  Boygenius50  |  8

8-That shooting was a serious American tragedy asshole, you can't just make a joke out of something like that. Go find some fucking decency.

Lololol jk I'm not a moralfag

  baronsmommy  |  14

That's why marriage is between two people. You aren't suppose to leave & cleave just for fun, but to keep all the nay sayers from ruining your marriage.

  duckyeah  |  6

One should not allow others to control their life decisions... They may be correct about divorce in the future, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. If it comes down to divorce, a family bet shouldnt stop OP from leaving his/fiancé. I wish you the best of luck with your marriage, OP!!!

By  Senseless_487  |  29

My family is as guilty of ribbing each other as the next, but in this instance, it's taking it a bit far. How could they not be supportive of you? My mind is boggled here.

By  trqskq  |  14

I'd place a bet too. Then, I'd go tell my partner to pretend to leave me in front of my whole family at the time I bet they would. As a result, I'd get to keep my partner and all my family's money.

By  Enslaved  |  36

Your family thinks higher of her than you? You must not realize you're probably an asshole towards your fiancée. Sometimes the outside looking in are right.