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  Monikabug  |  9

I'm not sure how one could overlook an entire glass bottle in their backyard while mowing it. The OP obviously deserves it for not paying attention during their chore. People get killed that way.


If the grass was tall they wouldn't have been able to see it. Where I am we've been getting a ton of rain so the grass got pretty tall in just a week. We wouldn't have been able to see a bottle.

  cgchamp89  |  7

77, you have no business being on the Internet... you most likely can't even drive a vehicle legally. I listed 3 incase you didn't like one or two of the reasons.

By  ugliness  |  6

.... why was the bottle in your garden anyway? I would say ydi but I've had multiple shards of glass attached to my back a month ago so I kind of know how you feel, fyl 

  hammerfall26  |  6

I get what your saying but I doubt a thin layer of fabric or a pair of tennis shoes would stop sharp shards of glass being hurled at your legs or a sharp mower blade from lopping off or severely damaging your shoe covered foot. just sayin

  rooneyroo  |  0

A "thin" layer of denim is actually very protective against flying debris. When mowing or using a weed whacker, I always wear long pants, long sleeves, safety goggles, and boots. Moreso when I'm using the weed whacker. That thing picks up pebbles and sends them flying. A particle mask is good too, since the pollen and dust irritant my respiratory system.