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By Anonymous - 01/05/2012 00:22 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I was visiting my 8-year-old nephew. He told me he learned about fire safety, so I asked him what he'd do if there were a fire right now. He pushed me out of the way and I fell, then he ran over me and out the front door, leaving me on the floor in pain. FML
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That kid's gonna grow up to be a fireman. I can tell.

TarieBoo 2

so they no longer teach stop drop & roll ehh?


Kids just do the cutest things....

Got pushed to the floor by an 8 year old, ayy? YDI.

Why do they worry about fires, as every kid already has a cold heart.

Your picture is just the cutest thing!

ah, the boy was taught well. xD

alychick 5

He probably didn't know he was gonna push him to the ground so he was unprepared

TarieBoo 2

so they no longer teach stop drop & roll ehh?

That's if you're on fire. If you're in a burning house, stop drop and rolling, you're going to die. He should definitely run first and THEN stop, drop and roll.

geerod22 5

It's actually a new 3 step process taught in schools. 1. Stop 2. Drop anyone in sight. 3. Roll out.

This deserves so many more likes.

That kid's gonna grow up to be a fireman. I can tell.

daisyismydog 3

Or an arsonist..

Firemen run into the burning building, not out :p

@72 - Oh yeah? What do you know? *looks at profile picture* Oh wait...

Gotta save yourself first.

daisyismydog 3

Wrong comment. Dammit now everyone is gonna hate on me.

Darwinism's survival of the fittest in action.

My mom always said you have to take care of yourself before you take care of others.

sixsixSICNESS 0

That kid deserves a high five!

Eila1996 5

The teachers at his school must be stupid. Cause they are definitely teaching him wrong!

If he is an 8 year old kid what do you expect him to do during a fire?

He is an 8 year old kid he couldn't be expected to do much else during a fire.

Lmfao! Did you just ask a question and answer yourself o_O?

he already knows what most of us grownups do. every man for himself

DontClickOnMe 28

What a smart kid.

At least he has the "every man for himself" part of life down

At least you know to stay away from that kid whenever you smell smoke.