By anonymous - 13/01/2012 05:05 - Canada

Today, I sold my Xbox and Kinect to a guy. I forgot that sometimes I'd play Dance Central naked, and the Kinect would make videos. This guy now has videos of me, naked, badly dancing. FML
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I don't understand your picture. Can you explains it please?

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FYL. Now he's gonna know you're a ******.

you'd think that if you recorded yourself dancing naked on your kinect, that that's the ONLY thing you'd think about everytime you look at your xbox...idk how you could forget that

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Well let's hope he's not gay so he would delete those videos, if he is though you should expect to see your video on some gay **** site pretty soon:)

24- What does being gay have to do with the choice to upload the videos.

I hope for OP's sake the guy is a good guy and deletes xD Straight or gay, that shit would be uploaded for lulz if they were mean.

K_kanaka 26

Wow I'm Can only imagine the dudes reaction wen he sees the video. Buyer: Hmmmmm hey what this? *opens OP dancing naked Buyer: 0.o WHAT THE **** IS THIS?! *BOOM!!! Buyer faints from seeing to much

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I thought the "BOOM!!!" was your brain exploding from trying too hard, #35.

lol What if the guy OP sold the xbox to sold it to some one else, wtf would they think, lol

Oh my god #35, I am perplexed as to why you aren't a comedian?????????????????

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Hmm I wonder what will pull up on my google search!:)

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62 - that was the point. Sarcasm. And if this guy is like most, he'll just delete the videos and never say another word about it. He probably wouldn't know what the hell to say.

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OP-Your first mistake was selling your Xbox and Kinect! They are amazing! And your second mistake, well, I think you already know that.

The videos don't save on the game, in order to see the video you had to share it online to your kinect account. So the buyer won't see them when he plays it...

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WHY why do u play naked that's soo weird bro!!!

Wait. Did you sell the hard drive too? The Kinect doesn't save videos to the device itself, just the hard drive.

The 1st Dance Central actually has Freestyle that can't be deleted unless you delete the save

the guy that has the xbox sent a fml and i moderated it after reading this was the funniest shit ever

Score for him if you're a girl and hot!

chaoticxxxmess 3

Ya that would suck.....I didn't think of that.

Not score if she starts getting spam called by him and/or sees the videos on the internet.

It's most likely going to be a guy, since girls don't usually have an Xbox

bruh I have an xbox, and 64 games on it and I'm a female

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25-I'm a girl and I have an xbox, xbox 360, and a psp, so your comment means nothing.

RochelleRedvines 8

25 - That is where you're dead wrong, my friend. Xbox is awesome, and I'm a girl.

Oasispetro1 4

hes just saying more boys have xboxs but alot of girls do too

Disregarding what sex Is more likely to own an xbox, I do believe the OP has the universal "male" sign on his post.

#25 I have Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and some of the older gaming consoles as well and I'm a girl. Just saying.

The_Troller 14

I think 25 was just saying that MOST people who play xbox are guys, not that ONLY guys play. Don't flame him for something that he tried to avoid saying.

96, ones with vaginas. Are there other REAL girls out there?

The point of the matter is that he said something that can be seen as having a sexist slant when he has no information or data to back him up other than "what he thinks." A lot of people still think boys are the majority in all gaming, but some surveys have shown that girls are actually starting to out-number boys in particular genres. Would've been better not saying anything or actually looking at the OP to see what the gender is, since, you know, it's actually there.

I had to school a boy on a long list of MMOs last night. I've been addicted to gaming since my first experience with the original Nintendo. I'm pretty sure last time I checked I had a ******, and I think it was wearing a powerglove.

Wow way to be a sexist douch 25 I know a lot of girls who have/play xbox ohhh and op is a dude

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103 are you talking about farmville statistics?

I play games I love battlefield and modern warfare any of them I love being a sniper and I'm good at it too

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While yes, op is male (those who can read enough to see the male symbol will know that), maybe you want to get out of your room a bit if you think only guys own xboxes. I own an Xbox 360, wii, ps2, ps1, n64, snes, nes, and Atari in addition to a gaming computer... Do the math on how long that makes me a gamer. I'm also female. Try drop by a con now and then. While males still outnumber females.. In the past couple years it has been pretty damn close in attendance rates between genders.

Ya last night when the comment was made the sex wasn't showing.

well open is a guy. but we never know, maybe the buyer likes that stuff.

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**** off you little weasel. im a girl and i play lots of video games. i have an xbox 360, wii, ds, and i play games on the computer all the time. Hmph. P.S. my favourite xbox game's assassins creed :3

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Because sniping is easier than ****.

Shut your mouth and make me a sandwhich.

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I wish I had found a girl like that when I was younger. All my wife wants to do is watch tv!!

A ton of girls have an xbox i dont know what your thinking

Girls that usually play Video games are ugly, fat, and unpopular so ya... No offense. But it is true gaming is more of a guys thing so don't freak out on him saying that

bartenderdude3 5

Ok we get it girls play Xbox too, do we really have to argue over this?

I do. As do a lot of girls at my school.

tinkrocks98 6

#25 I have the xbox 360 , PS2, PS1, wii, gamecube, 3ds, dsi, and older consoles . You are completely wrong .

Wrong wrong wrong. I happen to be a female who owns a 360, wii, 3ds, and gaming laptop. So please, let's not be so judge mental.

It will be alright if you're a guy . But if you're a girl , good luck !

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OP is a guy. So now a guy has naked videos of a guy dancing. That is just embarrassing.

Metal_Chick 15

I think what crazyforcheese meant to say was that if op is a guy he will be alright if his videos end up online because no one will care much about seeing him naked and making it a big deal. But if op is a girl then good luck to her because if her videos make it online she will gain a bad reputation; because that is how bias people are when it comes to gender issues.

Above sorry and the ? Are supposed to be a thumbs up but I forgot not that type of app.

Fun game - never tried it naked though. Sucks to be you OP, but maybe you shouldn't be naked in front of a camera :p

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He is a guy look at the symbol -_-

Buttsexpirate 9

I guess you were shaking what your momma gave you OP!

This is like the only FML that has made me crack up. Yay for op. sounds like something I would do...

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can't wait to see your video on youtube hahaha.

52 - Youtube would delete the videos though! ....Pornhub however....

Yourheadache 19

true, i watch porntube all the time

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Well. Hopefully he doesn't spread it on Facebook or anything.

I don't know why everyone is talking about Facebook and YouTube. Neither allow nudity.

falon142012 22

YouTube does, but you have to be 18 to watch it.

cradle6 13

Kinect doesn't take videos, just pictures. And they are even deleted after each song.

TylerOMFG 7

53 - you never know considering all the pornography on Facebook I've seen, he'll just even talking to friends a out it.

sorry OP but the "i agree, your life sucks" button should not exist for this FML

Ouch,that really sucks. I feel sorry for you

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that could be a new erotic way to turn on your boyfriend

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OP is a guy. Might not have a boyfriend.

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But he might have a boyfriend