By stoych - 08/10/2012 07:14 - United Kingdom

Today, after a great first date, he leaned in to kiss me. I held my breath slightly. This resulted in me breathing out through my nose, blowing a huge snot bubble, which then burst on his face. He looked at me in horror and walked away. FML
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The chances of a second date are snot looking very good!

At least the big snot bubble didn't accompany a big hard green booger. That would have been worse. Sorry OP.

No they're snot Actually they are i just wanted to say that :)

xknightlightx 2

It's not supposed to be so bad either.. The snot has nothing to do with the heaet personality and much more

Is it weird I sneezed 5 times after reading this ..

I think OP ruined any chance to date him. That really is just disgusting. But how do you blow a snot bubble? I've never seen that in real life, ever.

iOceanus 18

Personally, I wouldn't have cared. It happens. I would have wiped it off and continued with the kiss. Besides, it can be a funny memory to bring up if you keep dating!

perdix 29

At that moment, a queef would have been less awkward. Looks like you blew it.

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Or she should've blew it... Then maybe there wouldn't have been snot bubbles

19- true, my dad will always fart and blame it on the creaking floor. "Dad, I'm not 5, I know tile doesn't creak."

Don't look now Noor but there is an extremely scarey looking dude behind you!

cheshireau 26

Did a 4 year old write this? The wording a horrendous.

I guess you figured out that holding your breath was not your best option.

I hate to be harsh but OP definitely deserved this, she's obviously old enough to know when she needs to blow her nose.My three year old nephew could figure this one out.

#39 Our bodies do fail us sometimes. I always blow my nose, but that snot bubble has happened to me as well (unfortunately). We're all human and we all stumble across the most embarrassing moments that involves our bodies humiliating us; it doesn't mean we deserve it, it just means we're human.

To be honest, that comment was poorly worded... what I meant was that it was the OP's fault, not that she deserved it, sorry for the confusion. (I'll go ahead and thumb this comment down)

TheDrifter 23

Wipe his face clean and try again, but a little lower. He'll forgive you, I promise.

RedPillSucks 31

A lot lower, and she'll own him for life.

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Too far down and your back to square 1 though.

TheDrifter 23

What, you don't go got toe worship?

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Trust me, most men would do the same thing.

cheshireau 26

Did a 4 year old write this? The wording is horrendous.

Then re-write it in your far superior way.

Because op said in to instead of into? Whatever it is, it isn't detracting any meaning, so STFU&GTFO!

Good luck with the rest of the internet 14.

He should have just laughed it off and gone for the kiss. Sounds likes he's a little too uptight. You're probably better off with him gone. Find a guy with a sense of humor. I'd say he's snot the one for you.

Nailed it in the final sentence! Bravo!