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  subwaysurfers  |  13

I wonder what she did when she had a baby and it pooped in its diaper (assuming she had a baby).
"Bad baby. How dare you? Where did I go wrong in raising you?! You must repent. You're a disappointment to the whole family YOU TERRIBLE CHILD."
*baby cries*

  Alastor13X  |  8

"I smell a soon to be dead old woman." Your story has inspired me to carry devil horns everywhere I go. If this ever happened to me, I'd put them on, and come bursting out the door, bugging them to trade me their eternal soul. Sad thing is, this seems like nothing out of the norm for the Wal-Mart crowd.

  AngrySailor  |  17

She's probably catholic and a vigin... She drank gallons of cum and can't hold in a poop, but still a virgin.

  DKjazz  |  20

"Well, Lord, it seems I've failed you again. Forgive me, Lord, for I have taken a shit."
God- "Ugh, jeez, you're forgiven, okay. Just stop calling me when you're on the toilet, Margaret."

  amDes  |  11

Once at work a woman ran into the stall next to me and starts having the runs... all I hear her whisper is "oh sweet Jesus, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" repeatedly. Best day of work that day lol

  Amant97  |  14

I really hope so. I just picture this old woman in a public bathroom stall praying out loud every time she shits. "Oh, sweet Jesus, forgive me for my sin..." *shits*

By  rg350dx  |  29

Yeah, dropping a sin-sational deuce. If people whack on the door and screw with you while you're pinching a load, I think you have the right to let your inner primate out.