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By mel - 11/05/2012 21:23 - United Kingdom - Bournemouth

Today, while in the break room at work, I laughed at a co-worker's joke and started choking on my drink. My boss exclaimed in front of everyone, "We need to teach this girl how to swallow!" to everyone's childish amusement. Now they won't stop calling me Spit. FML
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FMLshark 12

Yeah Spit, what're you doing on FML? Go learn to swallow!!


^I see what you did there^ I salute you good sir.

Sure he's awesome. He just opened himself up for a nice sexual harassment lawsuit. He better hope OP isn't a jerk.

Wow, seriously!? "He better hope OP isn't a jerk? Since when are you a jerk for reporting blatant sexual harassment? How asinine are you?

Don't worry, everyone calls me Fire Hydrant at school because I drool when I laugh.

FMLshark 12

Yeah Spit, what're you doing on FML? Go learn to swallow!!

And if you cant swallow, gargle. Ew, nevermind. Just grossed myself out.

nelds 12

Or just play with it for a bit then swallow :P

I honestly don't understand the obsession with swallowing semen. I mean, it's already out of your body, it's not like it matters what you do with it at that point. It's not like swallowing makes you a better person. :/

^ now just to explain this to guys..^

Torva_fml 16

I'm a guy, and I have no extreme desire for anyone to swallow my load.. Yes, it would save me a minute of my time, to clean myself off... But other than that there is no real benefit.

I guess it's a good feeling knowing that, if it's your wife or gf, that they're willing to swallow also less hassle as the mess is already gone!

beats being called cum. see what i did there? ;)

lolmandi 9

Some people need to grow up. Sorry OP.

Ehh it could be a worse nick name.

lolmandi 9

Very true. It was just immature and rude in my opinion.

NiecyLuv365 1

I agree that's childish very.

If I were her... I'd keep laughing.

You're lucky your boss atleast has a sense of humor. FYL OP gonna be hard to live that wrong. Unless you prove them wrong ofcourse..

Prove it by preforming a massive bukkake?

Well if you wait a little after work, I'm sure he would be happy to teach you how to swallow

Torva_fml 16

I guess you should just get the **** off.

prncssevlbunny 4

In all seriousness, you could go to HR if it seriously bothered you- you know, sexual harassment and all. Otherwise, if it's funny to you, too, then I guess your name is Spit!

Wow, am I the only one not even faintly amused by this? Seriously, how dare the boss say something so humiliating in front of everyone! He should be ashamed of himself! Besides, everyone knows nice girls take it on their ****, not in their mouths. Isn't that right, Spoogy McCleavage?

I think that perhaps it's amusing to read as a story on the internet but I'm sure most people wouldn't be amused if this actually happened to them in real life.

I guess it depends on the environment and situation. Maybe what the boss said would be funny in some cases but not others.

That's sexual harassment. Your boss should know better with how many sexual harassment lawsuits there are. Even if it is a friendly work atmosphere they shouldn't be so immature and disrespectful.

reddudeover 2

The boss never said anything sexual. He could have just as easily meant learning how to swallow as in rehabilitation therapy.

It's all in how it's said. And judging by everyone's reaction, it was probably said in a way that suggested the boss didn't mean rehabilitation. Almost all jobs make you sit through any anti-sexual harassment video/lesson.

That wouldn't work in a court of law. Nice try tho.

randomhero1398 0

nobody is allowed a little immaturity. op obviously has a thick skin and can take humor. she should get him back with an immature joke if her own, that's how you truly adapt.

uumlaut_strohson 3

everyone just assumed the boss was referring to **** - dirty minds all of you

Seriously, I didn't think that at first until I read these comments. It makes the FML all that much worse though

What the hell else would the boss be referring to with swallow versus spit? Watermelon seeds?

1crabbygirl 10

For once I agree with this guy. Very obviously a sexual reference.

The drink that's mentioned in the FML is what would be swallowed

I also didn't take it sexually at all. I thought it was funny until I realised it was a sex joke.