By westwoodcosmo - 27/01/2016 22:35 - United States - Mesa

Today, I took a swig of my Dr Pepper while having a meeting with my manager. As soon as I was about to swallow, I began coughing, and spat a whole mouthful all over her face. FML
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Tell her it's a sign of things to come, and then smile creepily. You won't get fired. I promise.

"I needa doctor"


missyfiona89 28

Was she forgiving, or are you out of a job now?

"I needa doctor"

why couldnt OP cough the other way?

Tell her it's a sign of things to come, and then smile creepily. You won't get fired. I promise.

How could you let any of that sweet nectar go to waste. But I'm sorry OP

That 2nd comment though XD

At least it was Dr. Pepper. There are way worse things that could've been sprayed in her face...

What did she even say to make you cough that badly?

amileah13 26

You can simply swallow wrong and start coughing, doesn't mean that something was said to have that effect.

you peppered her face with your nasty coughing.

I almost spit out my cookies at this comment xD

Just act like whatever she just said was the best idea you ever heard and you were so surprised at her genius.

Is Dr Pepper really popular in the US? I tried it once and it wont be happening any time soon. Sorry to go a little off topic...

Never drank it : really wanted to try though. It's hard to find it in here :p

If you have Me.Pibb or Pibb Xtra that's the closest to Dr. Pepper

Just because it's brown mustard doesn't make it Grey Poupon.

yeah, #16, and Sierra mist is a good replacement for sprite..right?

It's pretty popular in the US, but personally I think it's disgusting. Very strong flavor, people usually either love or hate it.

It's one of my favorite colas, probably because of how sweet it is. I probably shouldn't say that, though since I'm from atlanta (birthplace of coke a cola)