By gatorhead - United States
Today, while eating lunch, one of my friends told a joke that made everyone at the table laugh. Apparently, the guy standing behind me overheard and was laughing too. So much in fact that he spewed the red Gatorade he was drinking all over the back of my white shirt and hair. FML
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  perdix  |  29

roobear, you have to read between the lines. The scene appears to have taken place in a cafeteria-like setting and drinking red Gatorade while not playing a sport make me think these are young people. So, there's not proof that they are young, but it seems to be a reasonable assumption.


Also, I live in a rather small town (about 10k ppl) and the cafeteria at my school has WAY more stuff to drink besides milk. I rarely see people consuming the nasty milk of death.. also, powerade is one of the options available for purchase, but not the slightly tastier Gatorade:(


Attention: Useless Jane Trivia Ahead.

I used to lie and say I was allergic to chocolate milk in order to get the regular stuff on the only-chocolate days. I don't care for chocolate in my healthy stuff. Thatisall.

No, really. That IS all. Why are you still reading this?

  starile  |  19

Attention: Useful-Ass Trivia Ahead. Milk is for baby cows, and is not healthy. Humans are the only species that drink milk beyond infancy, and are the only species that drink the milk of another species. After the age of 4, you lose 95% of the lactase needed to digest milk, which is why so many people are lactose intolerant. You can and should get your calcium from other food sources, like leafy greens. Look it up.