Different strokes

By chickenmcnuggetgirl - 18/03/2013 18:10 - Ireland - Enfield

Today, I found out my boyfriend has a chicken nugget fetish. He wants me to take a chicken nugget bath in a bikini. He seems to be dead serious. FML
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Ba-Da-bababa, He's lovin it.

The things we do for love lol


The things we do for love lol

Even if I loved somebody I'm not sure I would be doing something as weird as that just to please them. The line has to be drawn somewhere lol

So long as it doesn't hurt anyone, I see no harm in it. And if it's a true fetish, just imagine how..."pleased" OP's boyfriend will be.

It may not "hurt" her but could you imagine the amount of acne you could get from having greasy chicken nuggets rubbed all over your body? ugh x_x

He's lovin' it.

If it makes him happy, I'd do it. Just clean the tub first so that you can eat the chicken nuggets afterward. :D

64 - You mean he's "McLoving" it (not The Superbad reference, mind you)

Water melon!

Oh, you crazy chicks.

Isn't it usually the women who are meant to get clucky?

chelsearenaeee 16

I can't take people seriously when they cut out half of their face to fit their boobs in the picture.

I don't think this is what the Colonel ordered...

Well you should be happy to be dating Amir, OP.

Ace and Jocelyn, Ace and Jocelyn, astronaut accountants from outer space!

Ba-Da-bababa, He's lovin it.

chelsearenaeee 16

McDonald's should use this guy as a spokesperson

And what exactly does he plan to do with 800 chicken nuggets when you're done "bathing"? That's way too many nuggets for one man to eat!

Just don't Wing it and give him a breast too quickly, or he'll want his nuggets all over you. On the other hand, have you ever considered clucking while having some finger licking good chicken? I know, it sounds foul but it'll make the quarter-pounder over there easier to bear.

jojimugo 20

Overdid it

26- you probably should've just called fowl.

Success4444 12

He needs to not put any Stock in the Chick's refusal.

26- you're new to this part of town, aren't you? 'Over did it...' honestly, what are you like?!

Don't be a chicken, do it

Wizzlbang 10

Indulge him, as long as he pays for the nuggets. Then maybe he'll indulge one of your weird fetishes! That's love...

ironik69 31

Hell yeah. Chicken nuggets aren't cheap. I can only imagine trying to buy enough to fill a bathtub. Where is our resident mathematician?

Approximately one imperial **** load fills about half so 2 imperial **** loads of chicken nuggets or 4.7 metric **** loads which is about 900$

ironik69 31

A thumbs up is not sufficient enough for your reply. Lmao good job.

I'd like to thank the deprived wife and perdix for the inspiration behind my reply

I don't want want to see the **** that can withstand 4.7 metric **** loads of fried chicken.

Don't be chicken. Give it a try.

We all have fetishes your bf has the balls to spill it. Good for him. And good for you.

keven501 12

Hehe pudding I mean...

I hope he's the one who will be paying for those chicken nuggets, OP.

I recon a whole bath-load would probably cost about $3000... (A ****-load or two). Expensive yet interesting fetish...

nnnope 26

hey, at least it's not a ********-on-your-chest fetish

Yep that one would annoy the crap offa me!

nnnope 26

wax on, wax off

What's the matter, Colonel Sanders, chicken?