By Lorky - 8/5/2020 02:00 - United States

There goes the neighborhood

Today, I received an email from the office of the apartment complex I moved into two months ago. Apparently, a woman a few apartments down from mine was murdered. Time to pack. FML
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  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

so because a tragedy occurred, no one but the immediate victim or family thereof is allowed to be affected? this is pretty ridiculous.

  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

anxiety works this way though. don't invalidate a person. being anxious about this is only logical

By  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

I'm so sorry you're dealing with anxiety from this tragedy. It may not be necessary to move though, if you can I would suggest working closely with a therapist to sort your feelings out, and also ask the police if this is expected to be ongoing, or if it was a crime of passion type deal.