By Snufflopagus - 01/01/2014 13:26 - United States - Lynnwood

Today, my boyfriend told me that sometimes my nipples taste like onions. FML
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Sometimes we really are what we eat... Might wanna check your diet then OP...

Well, does he like onions...? It could be a compliment


Sometimes we really are what we eat... Might wanna check your diet then OP...

Or stop rubbing onions on your nipples, I know it's a hard habit to stop... But we can do it together OP!

its a side effect of eating to many funyuns

Maybe OP is an ogre.

\ 28

I read somewhere that human breastmilk has the highest concentration of toxins of any bodily substance. Maybe OP has been poisoned by something that smells like onions. Just a hypothesis...

What does breastmilk have anything to do with this..

Start eating more sweet stuff!

She would have to be pregnant to even have breast milk . It's not just there all the time to calm the thirst of men you know

Seriously #120? So in order to nurse your newborn baby you have to be pregnant? I think you misunderstood how this works... Also, women AND men can lactate without conception (obviously uncommon, but completely real).

Probably means she sweats a lot.. Sweat can smell & taste like onions.

#133 im pretty sure that #120 (a female oppose to you being a male) knows that you dont have to be pregnant while breast feeding. milk only starts producing because you ARE pregnant which im sure #120 knows.

Well, does he like onions...? It could be a compliment

Well if her boyfriend's Shrek, she should be fine.

Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

if he starts crying then you mightneed to seek help

Tell him your nipples have layers OP!

He has a weird fetish .....

Does he like onions?

This FML made me hungry for outbacks "bloomin onion."

I thought that was texas roadhouse

And.. you thought wrong.

Chili's has the awesome blossom, Texas Roadhouse has a version of it but different name but basically the same thing.

no, Texas Roadhouse's version is called "onion blossom."

Orlando Bloomin' Onion!

Do you like waffles?

Errrr..... Hmmm....

Very very insightful, people will remember this comment for years to come.

I'm counting on it.

Perhaps this is a sign that you need to shower more often.

I'm thinking that hygiene doesn't have anything to do with it.

Maybe, what do you think it is?

It could be a multitude of things. Just to name a couple, it could be diet, or even her boyfriend could just have eaten something thag would affect his tasting. Like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth, ya know? Her nipples apparently don't taste like it all the time...

And now a discussion about OP's nipples...

It could be OPs deodorant. When we use antiperspirant, the sweat molecules (not sure if using the right words) come through our "mammary glands", AKA our nipples. It is because antiperspirant blocks the armpits and it doesn't allow the "stink" to come out that way, so it has to leave the body some other way.

Mammary glands are not your nipples. Lol. And believe it or not, I've actually heard of that before. It's not so much onion as it is just a bitter-ish taste that reminds you of how onion taste stays in your mouth. Just something to do with how the skin around nipples are and the secretions from them. Weird.

That's.. not normal..

Maybe it will taste more normal with tomato sauce... Mustard even..?

how does that work.?

I bet she hasn't showered since last year. People are disgusting.

Probably since 2013. The vile fiend.

hahaha^ that made my day!

Mine actually taste like that but I shower every day. I recently weaned my daughter so that might contribute to it.

#91 How do you know your nipples smell like onions?

HowAreYouToday 34

a better question would bbe, where does one buy onions that taste like nipples.

Be complimented OP. As long as he doesn't cry during sex.

How do you know he doesn't cry during sex? ;)

Could be worse

Yeah, op is at least getting regular nipple action