Desperate Dan

By BKCK4187 - 20/12/2011 03:23 - United States

Today, I got aroused by the vanilla scent from an unused trash bag. FML
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ceilingfans 1

I found this hard to Masterbate to

abbytequiere 9

Oh, you're so dirty...


ceilingfans 1

I found this hard to Masterbate to

That makes one of us.

Well maybe you're just not that in to OP. gotta say though, trash bags are pretty sexy.

IphonFML 6

I get aroused by shaving sometimes.... yes im weird

Everyone gets aroused from shaving. VVell duhh

it's like YouTube all over again! ;-)

chlorinegreen 27

Well I've heard of panty sniffer but bag sniffer? I think we've hit an all time low.

slimjim8094 12

Perhaps you should try masturbating instead. /nazi

^ Not a true Nazi. You would have scolding him for ending the sentence with a proposition (something you should never end your sentence with).

Rei_Ayanami 18

Masturbate* It seems like most people spell it wrong.

Please tell me this won't be a fetish for you..

RedPillSucks 31

@56, unless it's a prison sentence. Those should always end with a proposition.

Miouya 0

Lol that made me go back and check the spelling XD

Wow so many grammar nazis!

Isaac_The_Man 0

So many letters that can be replaced with different letters!

amber551133 5

but seriously! have you guys smelled those vanilla trash bags!?! they smell amazinngg!

What's with everyone using anime pictures as their profile? FML is filled with Asians I see? (Think I'm wrong? Prove it come forth white people and dare say you like Japanese cartoons)

abbytequiere 9

Oh, you're so dirty...

Don't talk trashy!!

I think mr is thinking of the flavor vanilla, not the scent.

xSonic 9

The argument between MisFit and Shrike will be forever remembered

That was a long ass argument

I might have missed that argument..

That happens to me all the time.

wikkedphuka 0

i got so wet when i read this.... nnnn now its gone

61 - stfu. This is approximately the millionth time I've seen a comment on how lubricated your downstairs is. No one cares. Stop being an annoying child and go watch some porn to fulfill your urges. FML is not the place for it.

It's gonna be a hot night!

CleanseTheKraken 0

Usually in your later years in life, vanilla becomes an arousing scent to most people.

flockz 19

did you at least treat the trashbag to a nice dinner?

^ I hear they serve fantastic banana peels and table scraps.

Tie it over your head and wank until you pass out?

yumlicious 4

*wakes up* That...was...the...most...orgasmical thing I've ever tried..........ever.

Tmoney20 3

Remember to have a teammate or a spotter when attempting this extreme wank ... Lol ahhaahha

Hey, Vanilla is a sexy scent. I see no problem with your scent arousal.

FruityLoooons 8

I don't either. Maybe it's because I can kinda relate? One time I felt a little aroused from the scent of the Nutella I was eating, heh.

diidiimi 10

Tee hee... Nutella is awesome. We have a family story about Nutella. *snigger*

I'd rather eat Nutella than just smell it, though. Wanking to Nutella… that's something I'll have to try.

At least it was unused.


Lol. It must suck to go to an ice-cream shop

Any one else notice the FML at the end looks diffrent