By snappyPi - 28/01/2011 06:21

Today, I wrote a poem and was very proud of it. I showed it to my mom. After reading it, her response was, "What is this shit?" FML
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spikey818 9

no u dumbass he/she doesnt . omg people are stupid.

There's this new thing, what was it called again.. Oh, right. SARCASM.

Lucie_love 4

#19 shut up iknow what is it i was just playin u ******.

oh and #23 how did u know that i was annoying? do u even know me?? . omg people are ignorants

24 has terrible spelling and seems really dumb. Also, take the dollar sign out of your name. K$sha beat you to that.

Lucie_love 4

I just love how easy it is to provoke you :)

29 shut up u stupid bitch i am not a dumb, do u even know me? i don think so. and i can call myself whatever i want . alright bitch? next time mind your OWN business

oh and its Ke$ha not k$sha you're the one who seems to have a terrible spellings not me

lolsodefensive. You're so internet tough. You're more internet tough than Ke$ha is glittery.

she may have bad spelling, but you're the on who is stupid, ignorant, grammatically wrong and worst of all- completely unfluent in sarcasm

WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS STAND AGAINST ME? D: , **** you and **** everybody who's reading this. **** **** ****.

She's a camwhore and thinks a7x is metal. She also thinks she's funny. lul. The only funny thing about her comments is I get to see her covering her ****** up teeth with a sheet of paper.

maybe its because you called spikey a dumbass even though its your fault for not understanding sarcasm, seriously apologise and it'll be fine

Holy shit, "loshysucks" calm your boner. Damn, are you on your pill?

agree a7x arent metal. hold on did i ever mention that a7x are a metal band? I DONT THINK SO. and wow how did you know that i have a ****** up teeth? thats so smart of you. but sadly you havent seen my teeth. so get your facts right before you say anything about me ok?

Lucie_love 4

Hey i like loshy! See, that right there was sarcasm

shut up i have already done wasting my time with you.

29 you said that the other person doesn't know you so therefore can't say your annoying but in your profile it says that all of us are stupid and calling us things when you clearly don't know everybody on the fml site.

o and 50 to answer your question everyone goes against you cause your a try hard, mean, internet tough(as was said above) bitch and you think your on top of the world......... your not

Loshy could please **** off. Thank you in advance.

JonaDona 2

that doesnt make sense... and why you (14) agreed. omg people are stupid!!

#22 it does make sense and freakin stop copying me thats not funny !

Lucie_love 4

Stop being such a whiny bitch.

Lucie_love 4

No thanks bitch isn't my type :)

Lucie_love 4

You done? Don't you have hannah montana to go watch this website is for big people!

l wait .. is this suppose to be funny or what? cause it didnt actually make me laugh.

Lucie_love 4

That sounds like a personal problem sir.

Lucie_love 4

Omg!! Thats what everyone wants you to do!!! I feel sorry for you see--> :(

i know. but sadly they cant make me shut up.

Lucie_love 4

If it makes you feel better i think you're sooo funny!

lo$hy, I was going to come to your defense, until I read your arrogant profile. Maybe I should go kill myself?

hey it's kill yourse not yourself lol.

omg loshy you are so moody! one minute it's **** you and **** and the next it's sorry lol! and they wont make you shut up cause your one this site every single minute of your life

schwancy 2
muchagente 5

"Having considered the matter in -- of course -- all its aspects, I have decided that there is no excuse for poetry." - Flann O'Brien

redrobin15 2

YDI. you obviously didn't write a good poem.

I can't really tell if this us a FYL or a YDI without reading the poem. Maybe it was a completely shitty poem, but maybe it was alright and your mother was just being rude. Care to share your poem with us OP?