By GoodbyeNewJob - 17/11/2016 18:00

Today, I accidentally said, "Hell yes!" in front of a potential employer and a group of kids before an interview at a daycare center. FML
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I'm guessing the interview went along real nice after that? I mean, you showed a lot of excitement.

You should've followed up with "...are a great band!"


You should've followed up with "...are a great band!"

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you mean Hell Yeah! ? (close enough I guess lol)

I'm guessing the interview went along real nice after that? I mean, you showed a lot of excitement.

It's ok op. We all have those moments where we forget our place and blurt out things that will be our own undoing. It may not help you get the job, you're probably ****** there, but I hope this makes you feel somewhat better.

If you say this while children are present you are not qualified to work with them.

A very judgemental statement. Maybe OP was just enthusiastic and it slipped out. She could've said something much worse. Lighten up!

Wow, OP literally only said "hell yes". There's nothing even wrong with that.

Your profile pic says a lot about your comment. I recommend you just grow up already

I work with children and honestly you do not realize how natural it is to swear or anything related to that until you're constantly around kids. It's pretty tough at first to catch every single word and filter them. Lighten up.

... I'm really confused. What's wrong with "hell yes!"?

Nothing in and of itself. If you want to say it, go right ahead. However, it is considered cursing, and therefore not a good idea to say in front of kids, nor in front of someone whom is going to interview you (particularly if said interview is for a position working with children). It's simply not professional.

I'm mostly confused because I've never considered that phrase a curse or unprofessional and I'm surprised that people do. It doesn't have any negative meaning that I know of, it's just an expression of excitement or extreme agreement, haha. Seems really harmless.

I also kind of fundamentally disagree with the concept of "bad words." And that we should avoid saying certain words in front of kids just because they've been deemed "bad." But I understand that not everyone agrees with that, so I wouldn't go cursing in front of other people's kids. In any case, though, "hell yeah" is just such an innocuous phrase, I have a really hard time understanding why it should be censored in front of kids.

There are a lot of "swear" words for children but not adults. Ex: hell yes, damn it, screw it, crap, etc...It differs from place to place, but what counts as "cursing" just generally is stricter for children. I think the reason "hell yeah" and "damn it/you" are considered "cursing" is because of the religious links to the words (ie: damning someone) which was more serious in the past. Nowadays it's less of big deal, but still kinda considered a "curse word."

As for whether swear words should be ok I guess for me it depends. Agree that things like "hell yeah, damn it, shit" don't seem that bad. But I definitely wouldn't let my kids use swears like ****, bitch, fucktard, etc... more because the words are essentially meant to be rude/mean and disrespectful to people, and not a type of attitude I'd want to encourage.

Oh, I totally agree that some are much worse than others. I still wouldn't censor anything, though. I think it's sufficient to explain to kids that some of these words are really mean and that there are lots of places that you shouldn't say them, and you should make sure what you say doesn't hurt other people's feelings, etc. But there isn't anything inherently wrong with saying any word.

Yeah, in the end words are just sounds. The "hurtful" part just depends on what meaning we give them. What do you mean by "censor" though? If someone happened to say "****" in front of my child, I wouldn't just block her ears or yell at the person. I agree explaining it's rude/mean should be sufficient. However if you mean "censor" as in not allowing your kids to say it...personally if after I've explained to my kids why "bitch" is not a nice word, and they later call me a "stupid ******* bitch," I definitely think it'd be appropriate to discipline them. Any words used in that type of manner would not fly in my house and I think that's normal?

I mean I wouldn't get upset if they heard those words somewhere and wouldn't try to keep them from hearing it. I also wouldn't censor myself and take words like "shit" out of my normal speech when my future kids are around. They would get a talking to and discipline if they intentionally said something hurtful, but not because they used a "bad" word.

I would also be truthful whenever they ask me what a word means. Maybe not give every detail depending on their age and if the word is sexual. But I would never be dishonest about what a word means

Ok, cool, that makes a lot of sense to me. I agree it's better to be honest and to satisfy their curiosity (all while setting clear boundaries) than to try and pretend these words don't exist. I suppose every family chooses for themself the "line" though of acceptable words in their home. Though I hope at least that if they don't let a kid say a certain word, they at least hold themself to the same standard lol.

I'm Australian and this isn't even close to a swear word here. But in other countries it must be. Who knew?!

You're supposed to turn your vocal filter on BEFORE the interview, OP. Didn't you read your How to Be Human manual when you were born?

So that joke didn't land, eh? Ah well. There's always next time.

And when you inquire about the status of your application, they'll say, "Fuck, no." Perhaps they have the children chant it!

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I work at a daycare, some of the 3 year olds say worse than that. Really no worries.

OP: Hell yes!. Oh shit, sorry! *Facepalm* Damnit. FUCK!!!!