By LightsOut - 21/05/2013 22:47 - United States - Melbourne

Today, and throughout the past week, my electricity, water, cable, and Internet were progressively shut off. Why? Because my deranged mother-in-law has been stealing the money orders I use to pay my bills out of my mailbox. She also stole the late notices because she didn't want me to be "mad". FML
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Classic flockz. You'd neglect basic hygiene like showers for the internet, wouldn't you?

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Who showers when they have Internet?

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well ya i don't get wifi in my bathroom.

#12 I do. And it makes the experience a whole lot better, if you know what I mean. ;-)

I'd say move in with her in retaliation, but that just seems cruel to you.

Yeah don't do that, especially since now you're both broke. Try paying your bills online once your Internet is working and until then, you should drop them directly in a mailbox.

Get your husband/wife to speak to her..

How was she even cashing the money orders? They have to be filled out similarly to checks.

There are some money orders that are just money in an envelop.

Or, she's just keeping them because she's insane.

Why does she have a key to OP's mailbox(assuming that the mailbox needs a key)?

Unless you live in an apartment, most mailboxes don't need keys.

64, that isn't a money order. That's called "cash in an envelope."

Isn't "order" French for "in an envelope"؟

At least she is a thoughtful thief, even though she didn't think that one through, sorry op.

She might be more clever than thoughtful. I mean to me it sounds like she tried to cover her tracks. But when she got caught, she probably felt Like saying that to save herself.

I believe messing with someone's mail is a federal crime. Then there is stealing on top of that.

Then once your internet is up & running, perhaps consider switching to online banking.

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That's just... cruel. I would figure out another way to receive notices from the companies besides through mail. FYL.

Looks like her plan to not make you mad failed