By Time for a haircut - 21/05/2013 19:05 - United States

Today, I was getting out of my car, when my new neighbor asked if I'd help him unhitch a trailer. On my way over, he said, "Oh never mind, I thought you were a boy." I am a boy. FML
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Donat96 20

Yep. She could make any man hard.

mylifeisgreat9 13

That's a compliment girls are pretty


It's alright OP! Just think about it this way, now you don't have to help or do anything strenuous!! :)

So you're ok with Oap looking like a girl and acting like one too? Strange advice...

That's very sexist. I was just looking on the positive side.

Hey OP, don't feel ashamed, just think of the girls your neighbour must hook with for having such an idea about girly features?

Or he could act like a man, flex his muscles, and lift the trailer off the hitch.

How much do you want to bet that the neighbor was a gun slingin' ex marine whereas OP is a blonde dude with a JB haircut?

Probably more than a JB haircut. Maybe more like the sprite from Strangled Red (only people who read pokemon creepypastas might get the reference)

#32 The glass is always half full you pessimist.

So.. Why can't girls lift things? I think the real FML here is having to live next door to this sexist pig.

114 - Girls are genetically weaker than men. This is simply due to genetic makeup. Our testosterone levels help us to build muscles, while women do not have the same level of testosterone. I'm not bashing women, I'm just pointing out that you have no reason to accuse the man of sexism. Also, it is a traditional sign of respect to women.

sexyboi1985 27

Oh boy !

Oh boy? This is nothing. FML = Fuck my life. Being mistaken for a girl is not "life ******" worthy. Damn, the term FML is so mis-used...

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

81- FML is supposed to be fairly light hearted and somewhat humorous. The site is to read about minor misfortunes or witty anecdotes, not about true tragedies. If you want to read about lives getting actually ruined, there are plenty of other websites to check out.

mylifeisgreat9 13

That's a compliment girls are pretty

Yes, medusa was so pretty that people couldn't handle it and turned to stone!

Donat96 20

Yep. She could make any man hard.

Technically, she WAS so pretty that Athena got jealous and turned her into a monster.........just saying

Aaaaand technically, medusa never existed....

flockz 19

tell that to all the Greek statues of naked men.

#40- And, then a realist came and slaughtered all the pretty unicorns...

Medusa was so beautiful that Poseidon raped her. Athena was upset that this act took place in her temple and blamed Medusa, who was the victim (Not uncommon now a days). Her beauty was her curse so she was cursed furthermore. Also when Perseus beheaded Medusa, her blood mixed with the ocean bore the winged horses Pegasus and Chrysaor (Poseidon was their father) ***Gotta love the History Channel.

I think it was an affair not a rape.

Nope. Medusa was a faithful priestess to Athena and swore her chastity, only to be victimized and banished. Remember-- Athena is the Goddess of War. (She was one of the guys!) Btw I didn't thumb you down (I never do) (:

I've heard the story as that Poseidon had an affair not rape and I've heard that several times.

I hate run on sentences. And I'm not sorry.

TheDrifter 23

In ancient Greek the words are the same, it's a contextual difference that let's you know which they mean. Though, as a chaste priestess, an affair would be considered non consensual by her patron deity, they're not known for being big in sharing.

I like how Greek gods are fake and a 'realist' Christian can ruin the story. Lol @ the Bible for being the same storytelling farce.

83 - Modern versions often make it seem consensual so it isn't so upsetting. The original sources almost unanimously agree Medusa had no choice in the matter.

I was going to actually say time for a haircut, then I saw your name. Spot on, spot on. Regardless of gender, trailers aren't difficult to unhitch.

it could be a gooseneck. maybe he was just tired and could use some help?

spekledworf 18

I still don't understand what gender has to do with it. When I was 11 I was hitching and unhitching the trailer. Any moron can do it

MeloTooNice7 7

Maybe it's time for a haircut? Other than that I don't know what could have made him change his mind about what gender you are.

CharresBarkrey 15

Haha, check out OP's name

Lack of facial hair, perhaps, or his physique. Some people can be quite assuming.

5 - That's exactly what I said and yet I was thumbed down. What a bunch of sensitive girls... Go Ahead, Thumb Me Down! trollollollol

TheDrifter 23

I've noticed large numbers of teen boys wearing girls skinny legged pants and v necks, couple that with a Beiber cut and most older folk would miss the fashion and just see either a girl or a transvestite. I made that mistake a number of times before my kids informed me that it was current fashion.

oj101 33

Justin Beiber, is that you?

friedpwnadge 25

Use it to your advantage. Pick up guys at gay bars and bring them home until you have amassed a sassy collection.

friedpwnadge 25

Wait I made a typo. Sentence accuracy nazis attack!

friedpwnadge, are you like... retarded?

People can be annoyingly presumptuous sometimes. Don't take it to heart, as cliche as it sounds, it's what's inside that counts.

Is it presumptuous to say people are annoyingly presumptuous? My brain just hurt trying to figure it out

BellaBelle_fml 23

Or, in OP's case, it's what is outside that counts.

Don't worry OP, I've been mistaken for a girl before because of my long hair as well, though that was before I actually started getting facial hair :P Anyway, Internet hi five! For having long hair in common! Yay!

I have extremely short hair for a girl and I am constantly being mistaken for a boy, despite the fact that I have boobs and I wear makeup. I empathize with the both of you.

Long hair, don't care.

michaelm1290 23

If he thought he had boobs (man boobs in this case) and was a girl, then I don't think he would have called OP over considering he was seeking a male.