By knowtoomuch - 22/05/2013 00:10 - United States - Aurora

Today, I had to go with my mom to the gynecologist to translate due to her broken English. As we were filling out papers and answering questions, the doctor asked some very personal questions. I now know everything about my mom's sex life. FML
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She was probably just as embarrassed.

These are the kind of things that stay with you for the rest of your life. Sorry you had to hear that OP


These are the kind of things that stay with you for the rest of your life. Sorry you had to hear that OP

OP most likely had to repeat it too ^_^

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My mother always told me the best way to remember things is to repeat them straight away. :)

7, your picture works perfectly for your comment

Now you know what is going on

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what does OP mean??

original poster

She was probably just as embarrassed.

Knowing women, if she was embarrassed she would have simply lied..

Op should realize that she did a wonderful thing helping her mother out and ensuring she is healthy and getting the best care possible.

As embarrassing as it was for both of them it was a kind thing to do.

You are a good son/daughter, OP. Props for helping your mother out.

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Bummer OP. Nice of you to help out your mom in a tight situation though

Tight situation... Lol. I see what you did there, and gross. According to the fml there is prolly nothing tight about it.(puke)

18 - How about no? It came across as a pretty innocent comment to me. Plus, there's nothing in this fml that indicates OP's mom is "loose." For all you know, it's possible she's only ever slept with OP's father.

She sleeps with him enough she will become loose.

That's completely incorrect. Having sex with the same person for an extended period of time does not make you loose. If that's what you think though, you must not plan on ever getting married.

I'll help you because no one else seems to want to. They mean loose as in the state of the vaj being loose, floppy, no tread left on the tires, throwing a hot dog down a hallway, etc. etc... They don't mean loose as in she'll start going around bang bang banging...

Or, perhaps, since it's a primarily muscle-based organ with a mucosal membrane layer, the vagina doesn't actually get loose with regular use? It's not even persistent space when there's nothing inside the canal, it's just potential space, which is why speculums are needed to view it. Real physiology > misogynistic, sex-shaming myths.

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so... does she do more shlonging than you?

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That's a very kind thing of you to do. I don't even like talking to the doctor about my own body in that regard.

Bonding with your mother at it's finest... Try binaural beats to keep the nightmares at bay

No more locked doors!

No more locked doors!

Well it could've been worse. Don't ask me how though.

How the heck did you manage three posts in two minutes?

Doggies on speed!