By sealpop09 - 30/06/2011 14:36 - United States

Today, my dad gave me a speech about being gay. He said he'll accept me if that's who I truly am, but he wants me to think it over first. I'm an actor in a play. I had to explain the concept of wearing costumes and acting like someone else to him. For the third time. FML
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at least he accepts it if you were gay...I mean even though you're not, some kids get kicked out of their houses for being gay

Give him some time, he needs to process what you said all three times.


I'm with the dad but I don't think I'd accept it

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lol that was reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally funny :)))))))))))))

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actually, that's a compliment. Apparently you're a convincing actor.

I think his dad was talking about the makeup and being concerned with what you look like in character..

well now you know of you every become gay your dad will be somewhat understanding. I mean, go him! (:

Wait.... so you're saying that you're NOT a gay stripper from Ohio?


well the director chose you to play a gay person for a reason...

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84, it's people like you that make me sick. geez what has the world come to.

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What? Glee sucks. It makes you sick that they don't like it?

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His dad is clearly a homophobe. FYL.

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His dad understands the concept of actors. OP needs to understand the concept of coming out.

OceanBreathesSal 5

no what I mean is people like him that think all theater is like glee and that high school musical shit. just because OP said he was in a play and likes theater, it doesn't mean he likes glee.

#98, The world has come to you fat bitch of a mum strippin in my local strip club boom ;)

84, Glee isn't the same as acting, and if you don't know that, it's time you reconsider dropping out of highschool, idiot.

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Pet peeve: When people call my male theatre friends gay. Most of them are straight and have girlfriends.

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well maybe it's the fact that your in actor in a play. that's a pretty gay job to put on gay clothes and act gay all day

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I have a best friend that's an actor and he is not gay. actually I know a lot of people that are in theater and they are not gay

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Isn't that what famous actors do? put on clothes and act? does that make them gay? No I dont think so.

Of course, because the sexy men who have wives and kids that act in the movies you love to watch are all gay.

dude **** off if he likes to act don't judge him.

I was in theatre during highschool, and there were 2 out of 40 guys who were gay. That means there were more people on the football team who were gay than actors. So chill out, and besides, who are you to decide if a job is gay or not?

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I always thought it was strange that people praise actors in Hollywood, gay and straight alike, but kids are always picked on for acting in school and college plays. Where do you think guys like George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Jason Statham picked up acting? Yes all of those men are definitely homosexuals, automatically, because they dressed up and acted as someone else for a play or show of some sort. Obviously.

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you're an ignorant homophobic prick

Give him some time, he needs to process what you said all three times.

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Let's just hope that you don't have to appear nude like Daniel Radcliffe. That would really alter his opinion on you.

93, your comment can only be described as win.

at least he accepts it if you were gay...I mean even though you're not, some kids get kicked out of their houses for being gay

very true. one of my friends brothers is a closet gay and his parents threaten to kill him if he admits or shows he is gay. it sucks. but people are people.

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He doesn't accept it though...

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Damn straight! Like back in the good ole days

igotnolegs 1

Damn straight! Like back in the good ole days

igotnolegs 1

Damn straight! Like back in the good ole days

wow , u just brought down the name of Arsenal by saying that shit thrice .

duckman9 55

You don't even know what it was like back in ye old days. I used to have to walk 10 miles to school and back, uphill (each time of course), in the rain.. twice a day! And get off my grass! Kids these days...

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lol to that. parents are so old school these days

Wait, what? How does not understanding acting make him oldschool? Acting's been around for centuries.

Oh man, I know I have to tread lightly here now. I'm not arguing for the sake of arguing; it ***** me to no end when young people assume that when an older person doesn't understand something it's because they're 'oldschool' and it's not just a simple lack of understanding. And how is OP's dad homophobic? He's willing to accept it, he just doesn't get that it's an act.

KaySL, may you please explain how the father is being old-school? I'm sure you would know.

Ok, I see where the trouble is here - We're reading the FML in two different ways. I take it as the dad not understanding 'acting' and thinking the son is actually gay, but I'm guessing you see it as the father believing the son is gay *because* he's an actor, in which case I completely understand where you're coming from - I just don't see the FML that way. Agree to disagree?

C'mon, since you act like you know everything, please explain this to me. Also, please don't call me "son," you are only about four months older than me.

i read it the way vital read it. The father just doesn't understand that the kid's acting out a part and he's not really gay. But Kay also gave me another point of view. I have heard of older senior citizens thinking that drama class is feminine. You both made very good, valid points.

At least you know that he would accept you. A lot of parents would be pissed and try to convince them that they're not gay... cool dad if you ask me.

at least he's willing to accept you if you were gay.that's more that some people can say about their parents.